Graphite, Not Just for Pencils Anymore!

January 26, 2012


The Critical Metals Report: Ryan, as someone who knows the graphite business, what would you recommend to investors?

Ryan Fletcher: The space should be on investors’ radars. Demand for graphite is increasing quite rapidly. Not only are historic uses growing, but new applications are adding demand. A number of professional investors, analysts and researchers have studied the fundamentals, and they see the potential. But it’s not yet front and center on the investment community’s radar. It should be.

TCMR: In terms of graphite’s historic uses, it’s used in tennis rackets, golf clubs and is important to the steel industry. What are some of graphite’s properties and historic applications?

RF: Graphite is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity and is corrosion and heat resistant. It’s a strong substance. It’s light. All of those qualities make it valuable. It’s used in the steel industry. The automotive industry is also a major consumer. Because of its heat resistance, it’s also used in crucible liners and so forth. Those are big applications.

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