Gold Standard Announces New Board Member and Manager of Projects

March 29, 2012

Gold Standard Ventures (OTCQX: GDVXF; TSX-V: GV) has appointed David Cole to the Board Of Directors of the Company and added Steven Koehler to the Nevada exploration team as Manager of Projects.

Mr. Cole has over 27 years of mining and mineral exploration industry experience. In December 2003, Mr. Cole founded Eurasian Minerals Inc. as a public company, which has grown to a market capitalization of $100 million. Eurasian Minerals holds over 100 exploration projects in 11 countries.

Mr. Koehler over his 22 year career has held senior level exploration positions with Newmont, Placer Dome and Miranda Gold, exploring for gold on the Carlin and Cortez Trends of northern Nevada. During this time, he participated in gold discoveries at Leeville, Four Corners, Hardie Footwall Extension, Pete underground and Cortez Hills. Most recently as Chief Geologist of Evolving Gold, Steve led the Nevada exploration programs which included the expansion of the Arch gold system on the Carlin Trend.

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Gold Standard Ventures Adds Land Holdings to the Railroad Project in Nevada

March 28, 2012

Gold Standard Ventures Corp. (TSX-V: GV; OTCQX: GDVXF) reported today that it has entered into additional leases (the “Leases”) with various land holders encompassing approximately 2,781 net mineral acres of land adjacent to the Company’s Railroad gold project in Elko County, Nevada. GSV now controls approximately 18,130 net mineral acres associated with its Railroad Project.

All of the Leases are substantially the same and provide for a primary term of 10 years, but will continue thereafter as long as commercial mining operations are being conducted on the lands. Each Lease is subject to a small upfront signing bonus and annual advance minimum royalty (“AMR”) payments of US$17.50 per acre in the first and second years, increasing to US$28.00 per acre in the seventh year and thereafter, of which approximately US$111,239.73 has been paid to date. The Leases are also subject to a production royalty of 5% of net smelter returns (payable in proportion to the interest held), against which the AMR payments shall be credited and recouped up to 80%.

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Cambodia Trek: Angkor Gold — Thom @ Large (Unplugged)

March 16, 2012

By Thom Calandra

OKALLA CAMP – Fresh core emerging in smooth cylinders and catalogued row by row at this Cambodia gold camp is pale rose.

Dr. Adrian Mann’s contract drillers just pulled this sample from the ground (Hole 29). The column of rock from perhaps 100 meters deep shows potassic alteration and what looks like secondary feldspar.

Minerals explorer Angkor Gold (ANK in Canada; ANKOF in USA) is little known to those who visit this bountiful country seeking Buddhist temples and irrawaddy fresh-water dolphins flipping in the Mekong River.

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Gold Standard Discovers High Grade Gold at Railroad Project in Carlin Trend – Conference Call Today at 1:30 P.M. EST

February 22, 2012

Gold Standard Ventures Corp. (TSX-V: GV; OTCQX: GDVXF) announced today that hole RR11-16 at the Company’s Railroad project in the Carlin Trend of Nevada has intersected 185 feet of 0.124 opt (ounces per ton) of gold (56.4 meters of 4.26 grams/Tonne) from 555 to 740 feet (169.2-225.6 meters) including an interval of 60 feet of 0.21 opt of gold (18.3 meters of 7.03 g/T) which contains two five foot intercepts grading above 0.4 opt of gold (14 g/T). Mineralization at this depth could be accessible by open pit.

In the release, Dave Mathewson, Gold Standard’s Vice President of Exploration stated: “The North Bullion Fault Zone (NBFZ) hosts a very large, mineralized breccia body that we discovered in late 2010 and explored through 2011. We believe this breccia was mineralized by multiple high-grade gold feeder zones which are blind targets within the more dispersed lower-grade portions of the breccias. Over the last year, we have narrowed down the search, obtaining increasingly better drill results while defining a major north-south-trending fault complex. RR11-16 is located in the footwall of this complex, angled toward a major east-flanking graben-bounded structure. The character of the rock we see suggests that we may not yet be in a feeder zone…we may have encountered mineralization which is on the flank, or possibly above, a feeder zone. We therefore expect to continue this hole through the graben-bounded structure and into tertiary rocks which mark the edge of the zone of interest. Our exploration model of large, Carlin-style gold-mineralized dissolution collapse breccias in the footwall of a major graben-bounded gold system has held up very well, and we therefore see the potential for even better results as the drilling continues.”


A conference call to discuss the drilling update will be held at 1:30 P.M. (EST) on February 22, 2012 (10:30 A.M. PST). Investors are invited to participate by connecting to the call using one of the following dial-in numbers and asking to be placed in the Gold Standard Conference call:

Date: February 22, 2012

Time: 1:30pm Eastern Standard Time

Dial in Number: 1- 416-850-9144 or toll free 1-866-400-3310

The call will be hosted by Jonathan Awde, president and chief executive officer, and Dave Mathewson, vice-president of exploration. Callers should refer to the newly posted slides on Gold Standard’s website that will be referenced during the meeting.

If you cannot participate on February 22, 2012, a replay of the conference call will be available by dialing one of the following replay numbers. You will be able to dial in and listen to the conference two hours after the meeting end time, and the replay will be available until March 5, 2012. Please enter the replay Passcode No. 464831 followed by the pound key.

Replay dial-in:

Toll-free: 1-866-245-6755

International or local (Toronto) 1-416-915-1035

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Gold Standard Drilling and Exploration Update

February 15, 2012

Gold Standard Ventures (OTCQX: GDVXF; TSX-V: GV) provides an exploration update on Railroad and East Camp Douglas projects in Nevada.  At the Company’s flagship Railroad property in the Carlin trend, three core rigs and one RC rig continue drilling.  Progress is good considering the conditions and all three holes are angled into the recently identified north-south-trending target zone testing for high-grade structures which would have fed the broader North Bullion Fault Zone target area. 

At East Camp Douglas, a 30 hole notice of intent has been approved by the BLM.  One core rig is being set up now and additional rigs will be added upon completion at Railroad.  Company geologists have designed an initial 10 to 12 hole core drilling program, totalling about 10,000 feet, operating through May of this year. No core drilling has ever been conducted on this property, only shallow RC holes, the latter of which intersected 55 feet of 0.51 opt gold from 30 feet to 85 feet down the hole.

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Gold Standard Update on Railroad and East Camp Douglas

February 6, 2012

Gold Standard Ventures (OTCQX: GDVXF; TSX-V: GV) has three core rigs and one RC rig currently drilling at the Company’s flagship Railroad Project in the Carlin Trend focusing on the promising North Bullion Fault Zone target.  Two of the core rigs are drilling with PQ core and one is continuing with reduced size HQ core.  All three are drilling angled holes into the recently identified north-south-trending target location looking for high-grade feeders within the broader North Bullion Fault Zone target area.  At the North Ridge Target Zone located on the Company’s Newmont Joint Venture adjacent to the Railroad Project, an RC rig is drilling a second vertical scout hole.

On the Company’s East Camp Douglas Project (“ECD”) a 30-hole Notice of Intent has been approved by the Bureau of Land Management. A core rig is being mobilized to ECD next week. ECD is a district-scale exploration opportunity within the productive Walker Lane region of Nevada. Gold Standard acquired the project in September, 2010 through the successful consolidation of land/mineral rights in the district.

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Dr. Copper In The House: Thom @ Large

January 27, 2012

By Thom Calandra

VANCOUVER, Canada — Vancouver’s two January resources get-ups, Cambridge House for investors and B.C. Round Up for geos & technicians, gave us flogging five-day rains, one superb NHL hockey match … and plenty of hard-asset bravado:

  • “I don’t own stocks any more; I own colored diamonds,” diamond seller Colin Ferguson told me at a private party I hosted with Cambridge House‘s Joe Martin. (I invite the guests and Joe entertains ’em.)  Mr. Ferguson, a 51-year-old Vancouver Island resident, says we’ll see reports of diamond warehousing by aggressive hedge funds. Worldwide demand for diamonds is on track to exceed supply by 7 million carats. The “coloreds,” champagnes (cognac hues), pinks, blues and greens, are beginning to flash in fashion-minded markets. Colin will be at Mr. Martin’s Palm Springs investment conference at Indian Wells, California, in two weeks. I want to see more of these stones. (See: www.

    Dr. Clarke At PMI Gold Booth

  • “Poly-metallic mines and properties are always in demand,” Tom Macneill says. I came across Mr. Macneill, a lifelong  Saskatchewan resident and longtime chief of 49 North Resources (FNR in Canada), across the street from Waterfront at lunchtime. Tom, sitting at a lunch counter, is sitting on his merchant bank’s 10-percent-plus ownership of surging DNI Metals (DNI). DNI is a northern Canada smorgasbord of elements in an expansive property portfolio. I am fortunate to own FNR and DNI after a fishing trip a couple years back with Tom, Bob Bishop, Doug Casey and others, way up there in Saskatchewan. (By the way, Mr. Macneill is hot on uranium prospectors right now — especially one big one whose first letter is C and its last O.)
  • I tested my latest think on the exhibit floor at the Joe show; copper-gold porphyrys will outpace market gains of all metals equities in coming weeks. “When Dr. Copper is in the house, it’s a very, very, very good house,” says Don Mosher. Don represents Riverstone Resources (RVS), a Burkina Faso prospector whose shares look ready to bust out after a largely ignored resource report. A geologist I rely on for analysis, Dr. Peter Megaw of Minaurum (Gold (MGG), Candente Gold and others, told me, “Copper is a big-company business. A billion tonnes of half-percent copper with the gold credit blended in, that takes care of a lot of the risk of taking on a development.”

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