Ranting Andy

Welcome to “Ranting Andy” online. 

“Ranting Andy” Hoffman is an employee of Torrey Hills Capital, whose mission is to PROTECT people from hyperinflation.  It is his belief that only YOU can help yourself, but it is Ranting Andy’s goal is to empower you to do so!

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9 Responses to Ranting Andy

  1. I have an MBA in Finance and 38+ years of market experience. I would like to write for your site. Please let me know what you would need from me to be considered for publication. I trade the market to earna living but I write for the love of it. I have helped countless people achieve success in the markets as I take a hands on approch to my readers and help them steer thir ship to profitability.
    Thank you for you consideration.
    George Maniere

  2. Bill says:

    Ranting Andy…You are starting to separate from the pack of world-class ranters. You are sliding into a class by yourself — so informative, entertaining, and fearless in your forecasts. The verbiage is great, but I especially love the underlying anger and sarcasm in its tone.

  3. Ranting Andy says:

    Much appreciated Bill!

  4. Domenic says:

    Mr. Hoffman…my deepest and sincerest respects. The information you provide has saved my financial situation and continually inspires me to “stay on the path”. Through your inspiration, I decided not to borrow for a mortgage a couple years back and almost got myself completely out of the banking system. I only use the bank to keep a minimal amount of cash for daily and monthly expenses….

    Everything you have been writing about – since I’ve been reading you- has been 100% right on!!

    Thanks you my friend!!

  5. chris ortwein says:

    always look forward to your insights and comments.

  6. bluecollargoldtieguy says:

    Hey Andy, what are your thoughts on honest money?

    • Domenic says:

      He’s now with Miles Franklin. He publishes daily rants on their web site in which anyone can subscribe to for free…just by sending him a request on their web site.

      If you do sign up, please tell him I said hello!!

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