Boxxer Gold Intercepts 0.61% Copper Equivalent Across 15.3 Metres at Boss Property

July 26, 2011

Boxxer Gold (OTC Other: BXXRF; TSX-V: BXX) intercepted 0.27% copper, 0.04 g/t gold and 3.03 g/t silver (0.31% copper equivalent) over an interval of 37.1 metres, including 0.53% copper, 0.03 g/t gold and 5.81g/t silver (copper equivalent 0.61%) across 15.3 metres, in drill hole DDH07-2011.  These results clearly demonstrate that wide intervals of skarn hosted copper-gold-silver mineralization do exist on the Boss project and marks a turning point in the exploration of the Boss porphyry copper-gold project.

In addition, approximately 25% of the high resolution airborne magnetic survey over the DOK copper-gold porphyry project located in northwest British Columbia has been completed.

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Boxxer Gold Announces Update on Exploration Activities

July 12, 2011

In a press release out this morning, Boxxer Gold Corp. (TSX-V: BXX and OTC Other: BXXRF) updated the market on the Company’s activities, including; i) exploration results from 3D modelling of the three Titan-24 DCIP & MT surveys completed over the northern end of the Boss project, (ii) exploration plans for the DOK and East Breccia properties, and (iii) grant of 3.65 million stock options. A plan map showing the chargeability signature for the Boss project can be viewed on the Company’s website at

In the release, Boxxer’s President and CEO, Elmer B. Stewart, stated, “Boxxer is making excellent progress in implementing its corporate strategy of acquiring a portfolio of large poly-metallic copper projects in North America. The 3D solids model for the northern portion of the Boss project suggests that the anomalous copper-gold-silver geochemisty and oxide copper mineralization intersected in the first 6 holes of the current drilling program, are located on the edge of areas of stronger positive chargeability, but not in the optimal locations, a typical situation encountered in the early stage exploration of previously unexplored districts, essentially part of the “learning curve”.

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Boxxer Updates Diamond Drill Program and Outlines Multiple Targets at Boss

June 28, 2011

Boxxer Gold Corp. (OTC Other: BXXRF; TSX-V: BXX), in diamond drill hole DDH-07-2011, has intersected three intervals of visible oxide copper (malachite-copper oxide mineral) mineralization. The Quantec survey covered a large area around the former Oro Amigo (copper-gold) mine and the Keystone Thrust fault. The results of the three Titan-24 surveys completed in this portion of the Boss project have been compiled into a three dimensional (“3D”) model. The results from the structural geological study should be received in the next couple of weeks.

Highlights include:

  • Diamond Drill Hole (“DDH”) DDH-07-2011 intersected three intervals of visible oxide copper mineralization from 0 to 37.1m, from 139.3 to 145.7m and from 200.6 to 207.9m The drilling program has been suspended until mid-late September due to extreme temperature conditions;
  • Target BE#1 (positive chargeability and low resistivity) that was previously tested by DDH-03-2010has been more precisely defined and measures approximately 1,000m by 1,000m at a depth of 300m below surface. A compilation of the three Titan-24 surveys that covered this target, suggests that the original DDH-03-2010 may have been drilled on the edge of the chargeability anomaly;
  • Target BE#6 is a large almost circular shaped area (approximately 1,500m long by 2,000m wide at a depth of 300m below surface) of positive chargeability and moderate resistivity centered around the former Oro Amigo copper-gold mine;
  • Target BE#7 is a continuous northeast trending zone (approximately 500m wide) of positive chargeability that extends from west of the former Boss Mine (copper-gold producer), through the Breccia zone and past the Oro Amigo mine (copper-gold) a distance of 6.0 kilometers.This anomaly appears to intersect the large circular anomaly located around the former Oro Amigo mine; and
  • Geochemical results show that DDH-04-2011, DDH-05-2011 and DDH-06-2011 have intersected multiple intervals of anomalous gold and silver concentrations.

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Boxxer Options Second Canadian Copper-Molybdenum-Silver Property

June 16, 2011

Boxxer Gold Corp. (TSX-V: BXX, OTC Other: BXXRF), announced today that subject to regulatory approval, the Company has executed an option agreement whereby it has the right to earn a 100% working interest in the East Breccia copper-molybdenum-silver exploration property located in south-central Ontario, subject to a 3% Net Smelter Return (“NSR) held by the Optionors of the property.

The East Breccia property is located in the Sault Ste. Marie Mining Division in south-central Ontario, approximately 65 kilometres north of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and consists of 11 contiguous mineral claims covering approximately 4,300 acres.

* The reported copper-molybdenum-silver mineralization is hosted in the East Breccia and the south half of the West Breccia, located near the former Tribag Copper Mine site,

* A total of 55 drill holes have been completed in the East Breccia, where historical drill hole intersections of 0.25% copper, 0.042% MoS2 and 7.2 g/t silver over 142.4m*, and 0.31% copper, 0.038% MoS2, and 4.8 g/t silver over 143.2m* being reported,

* The East Breccia has a surface dimension of approximately 550m by 700m and has been explored to a depth of 750m below surface, and

* The West Breccia has a surface dimension of 200m by 650 m and has been explored to a depth of 850m.

Commenting in the release, Boxxer Gold’s Vice President of Corporate Development, Colin Christensen stated:  “In our assessment of current global commodity fundamentals, Boxxer is continuing to implement its strategy of assembling a selective portfolio of high quality, copper exploration properties with the potential to host large poly-metallic deposits. The optioning of the East Breccia property, along with the recent acquisition of the DOK property in northwest British Columbia, in conjunction with the Company’s Boss property in southern Nevada, we feel we have positioned ourselves with projects that have world class mineral potential, and Boxxer intends to be very active with exploration on all three properties in 2011.”

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Boxxer Gold Options Large Copper-Gold Porphyry in Northwest British Columbia

May 26, 2011

Boxxer Gold Corp. (OTC Other: BXXRF; TSX-V: BXX) has entered into an agreement to earn a 100% interest in the DOK copper-gold porphyry property, consisting of seven contiguous claims across 18,500 acres, in Northwest British Columbia.  This is exactly why we like Boxxer Gold in that the identification and development of early stage properties with large, poly-metallic porphyry potential is what the Company is good at.  The Boss property in Nevada is the Company’s first such project and, with today’s announcement, the DOK property in BC is the second such project.  In terms of moving forward, at Boss, we expect to see ongoing drill results, and from DOK, we await the implementation of a mapping and sampling program along with aeormagnetic and IP surveys.  Two properties means twice the news and twice the bang for your buck as a shareholder.  Congrats to Boxxer Gold.

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Boxxer Gold Video Coverage of The Boss Property

May 20, 2011

Want to get up close and personal with Boxxer Gold (OTC Other: BXXRF; TSX-V: BXX) and its Boss Property near Las Vegas, but don’t have time to visit the property?  Have no fear, Boxxer will bring the property to you.  In this brief, but comprehensive video, the Boss Property is unveiled like never before, including commentary from Elmer B. Stewart, the Company’s President and CEO, incredible aerial footage (think IMAX), and a history of the Goodsprings Mining District.  Click the picture below to watch the video.

Boxxer Expands Gold-Silver Zone at Crescent Peak

April 12, 2011

Boxxer Gold (OTC Other: BXXRF; TSX-V: BXX) has completed a follow-on sampling program at its 100% owned Crescent Peak project, highlights of which include the following:

  • The sampling has confirmed the presence of significant gold and silver values along the entire 1,700m strike of the zone sampled to date;
  • The gold and silver values are increasing toward the eastern part of the structure of which an 800m strike length has not been sampled; and
  • The gold-silver mineralization is characterized by higher concentrations of copper-lead-zinc suggesting a lower level in the gold-silver system compared to higher levels of arsenic-stibnite-mercury in the upper levels of the system outlined in the previous sampling program.

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Boxxer Gold Intersects Six Intervals of Visible Copper Mineralization in One Drill Hole

March 22, 2011

Boxxer Gold Corp. (OTC Other: BXXRF; TSX-V: BXX) has intersected six intervals of visible oxide copper mineralization in drill hole DDH-05-2011, including three intervals of very fine-grained dark grey metallic sulphide mineralization.  In addition, a recently completed QEMSCAN study shows that (i) both the porphyritic and basic intrusive rocks are slightly mineralized and exhibit extensive carbonatisation, seriticitisation, and kaolinisation and (ii) many of the marble samples contain significant copper (and locally cobalt) mineralization as well as trace phases including mercury silver sulphides, silver tellurides and gold.

Let’s face it, these results are encouraging in that drill hole DDH-05-2011 contains the most mineralization and alteration encountered to date in the current drill program.  To this end and according to Elmer B. Stewart, the Company’s President and CEO, “The widespread alteration and multiple intervals of visible oxide copper mineralization intersected in DDH-05-2011 compared to DDH-04-2011 would suggest a source of the copper to the north toward a coincident chargeability and MT anomaly which is interpreted to represent an intrusive.  The intersection of porphyritic dikes and multiple intervals of visible copper in DDH-04-2011 and DDH-05-2011 supports the potential for Boxxer’s exploration target* on the Boss project of a porphyry copper-gold deposit that ranges from 500 to 800 million tonnes grading from 0.7% to 1.0% copper and from 0.2 g/t and 0.4 g/t gold.”

Yes, drill hole DDH-05-2011 contained the most mineralization to date, but the drill program is far from finished.  As you read this, drill hole DDH-06-2011 is underway, the purpose of which is to better define three interpreted intrusives located west of the visible oxide copper mineralization intersected in DDH-05-2011.  As a result, look for additional positive results as the Company continues to implement its 2011 drill program.

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Boxxer Engages Quantec for Additional IP at Boss

March 1, 2011

Boxxer Gold Corp. (OTC Other: BXXRF; TSX-V: BXX) has engaged Quantec Geosciences to conduct 23 line kilometres of TITAN-24 DCIP and MT Deep Imaging Surveys on the Company’s 100% owned Boss Project, the purpose of which is to:

  • Survey the western extension of the IP anomaly identified in 2010 that coincides with a magnetic anomaly and area of conductivity. This anomaly is currently being diamond drilled by DDH-05-2011.  This area also covers the western extension of the former Boss copper mine and Boss Extension skarn;
  • Explore the area from the current drill location east including the 200 m by 250 m high-grade zinc-lead-silver Breccia zone, the former Oro Amigo copper mine and associated copper-gold-silver-PGM mineralized jasperoids; and
  • Test a significant portion of the Keystone Thrust Fault located east of the Oro Amigo mine.

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Boxxer Identifies Numerous Targets at Buena Vista; Additional Work Underway at Gordon Lake

February 23, 2011

Boxxer Gold Corp. (OTC Other: BXXRF; TSX-V: BXX) has completed a Titan-24 survey at Buena Vista, which identified: (i) 18 targets in two large areas stemming from IP anomalies and (ii) a large circular feature outlined in  large mineralized iron-carbonate alteration zone.  Of the 18 targets, four are first priority, three are second priorty, and 11 are third priority and only half of the property has been surveyed to this point. 

At Gordon Lake, a geophysical survey  has commenced.  The survey is expected to take several weeks covering 17 zones of gold mineralization previously defined at the project.

Boxxer is “steady as she goes” at this point, advancing the Company as previously outlined.  And while the Company is doing its job, we posted earlier today a copper-related article entitled High Copper Prices Make Canadian Copper Juniors Attractive Targets, which futher spotlights Boxxer’s advantages.

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