Ranting Andy: GATA Rocks, The World Rolls Over

August 6, 2011

RANTING ANDY –  It’s Ranting Andy reporting from GATA Gold Rush in London which, after Day 1 of the proceedings, has PROVEN my assumption it would be the MOST IMPORTANT FINANCIAL CONFERENCE EVER.  The crowd includes among the most concentrated group of “SMART, GOOD PEOPLE” I have ever been around, giving one strong presentation after the next and instilling a growing sense of EMPOWERMENT in the conference’s roughly 400 attendees.

The loudest applause was generated for industry icon Jim Sinclair, whose words of philanthopic wisdom nearly brought me to tears.  But his presentation was equalled in resonance by Precious Metal luminaries such as John Embry, Eric Sprott, Peter George, and James Turk, young guns like Ned Naylor-Leland and Ben Davies, and stalwart GATA lifers such as Adrian Douglas, Ed Steer, and James McShirley.  Day 2 promises to be equally enthralling, headlined by Mexico’s long-time silver crusader Hugo Salinas Price, gold Cartel litigant Reg Howe, global banking expert Jim Rickards, and of course CFTC whistleblower Andrew McGuire.

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