Biopack Enters into Eastern Canada Distribution Agreement

January 13, 2010

Biopack Environmental Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: BPAC), shares of which have increased $0.25 or 61% since the beginning of the year, announced that it has entered into a letter of intent with Packaging Logistics Incorporated for distribution of Biopack’s products in Eastern Canada.  Biopack previously announced a distribution agreement with Sonray Sales in Western Canada.  Earlier this week, Cohen Independent Research initiated coverage on Biopack with a price target of $1.71, a target which the stock is quietly sneaking up on.

According to Gerald Lau, Chief Executive Officer of Biopack, “We are pleased to be expanding the distribution of our sustainable packaging products to Eastern Canadian customers through Packaging Logistics, a company that shares our commitment to excellence in products, sustainability and reduction of environmental impact through packaging.  They have built extensive connections within the retail and processing sectors, and we feel that our product line complements their offering quite nicely.  We see strong potential for future growth in Eastern Canada, the largest region of the country by population and consumption.”

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Independent Research Firm Issues Price Target of $1.71 for Biopack

January 11, 2010

In a press release, Biopack Environmental Solutions (OTCBB: BPAC) announced that Cohen Independent Research Group, Inc., Wall Street’s leading independent fundamental research firm, has issued a research report on Biopack with price target of $1.71.

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Biopack to Showcase New, Innovative Products

January 11, 2010

In a press release, Biopack Environmental Solutions (OTCBB: BPAC) announced plans to showcase its new moisture resistant trays and other new products at the following international trade shows: (i) Fruit Logistica in Berlin, February 3-5, 2010; (ii) Biofach Nuremberg in Nuremberg, February 17-20, 2010; and (iii) Ecopack Birmingham in Birmingham, February 24-25, 2010. 

According to Gerald Lau, Chief Executive Officer of Biopack, “These three shows represent our first opportunity to introduce our groundbreaking moisture resistant trays on a large scale.  These are the first of numerous exhibitions around the world that we plan to participate in during 2010, as we feel there is no replacement for being able to touch, feel and see first-hand the quality of our products.  Our foremost goal is to position ourselves at the leading edge of the sustainable packaging industry.  We intend to drive towards this goal through continuous innovation, research and development, and ingenuity.”

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Biopack Provides 2009 Year End Shareholder Update

January 6, 2010

Dear Shareholder,

2009 was a challenging year for Biopack Environmental Solutions. After a tumultuous 2008 during which we settled into our new factory in Jiangmen, China, we found ourselves in the midst of the fallout from the global financial crisis. Although difficult at times, we are pleased to report that we came through the year with a continued sense of optimism as we were able to achieve important goals and objectives that we had set for ourselves.

We made solid headway at our new seven acre factory. In the latter part of the fourth quarter of 2008 we completed the installation of a new seven stage water treatment facility, increasing efficiency and reducing fresh water consumption. This process allowed us to move into the manufacturing of colored product in an environmentally friendly manner as water could then be treated and reused. These and other new product advancements created additional differentiation in the marketplace and helped us win new business. As we broadened our product offering and established real operational efficiency we focused on pursuing a focused market expansion which included opening new distribution channels in the US, Canada and Asia.

Looking forward to 2010, we intend to continue to add exciting new products, most importantly our “coated” or barriered offering, a first to market product that opens up new and lucrative sectors such as frozen food, meat and others. We also look to aggressively expand our marketing presence worldwide. We have had solid success in Europe and we plan to continue to work with our valued partners as we move into our next market expansion phase. We look forward to growth in the North American markets as well as Asia and Africa and, as we reach the second half of 2010, we hope that order volume will drive us towards further expansion of our production capabilities.

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Biopack Enters South African Market – Continues Global Expansion into 15th Country

January 4, 2010

In a press release, Biopack Environmental Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: BPAC) announced its entry into the South African market with an initial order of Biopack’s green colored fruit trays.

According to Gerald Lau, Chief Executive Officer of Biopack, “South Africa is an emerging market for sustainable packaging and one we have targeted for quite some time. South African consumers are continually demanding and expecting stronger sustainable packaging options. Biopack sees this initial order as a first step in an expansion strategy focusing on the fruit growers and processors of this growing economy. As we are witnessing with many countries around the globe, not only are consumers and corporations demanding socially responsible packaging, governments are pushing industries in that direction with both legislation and financial incentives.”

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Biopack Announces Initial Sales of New Water Resistant Trays

November 23, 2009

In a press release this morning, Biopack Environmental Solutions Inc. (OTCBB: BPAC) announced initial sales of a water resistant or “coated” fish tray to one of the largest international food conglomerates in the world.  Biopack has designed, tested, manufactured and shipped this new coated fish tray that was custom made upon request to meet packaging needs of the food conglomerate, which operates nearly 3,000 retail stores in the United States and Europe under 11 different brand names generating approximately $40 billion in annual revenue.

According to Geral Lau, CEO of Biopack, “We have spent a lot of resources to develop our coated trays.  We are very excited to be finally selling them into the retail market, especially to an international conglomerate that we believe ranks amongst the biggest in the world. This helps not only to validate the demand we believed a more water resistant tray would have in the market, but by being sold to such a large international retailer for such a purpose, confirms our belief that our products are amongst the most eco-friendly available.”

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Biopack Updates United States Sustainable Product Launch

November 18, 2009

Biopack Environmental Solutions, Inc. – a manufacturer of 100% biodegradable consumer packaging products from locally available sugar cane waste called Bagasse announced today that the Company’s recently announced US distribution partner – Biopack America, , has initiated a multi-faceted strategy to enhance sales of sustainable packaging in the US market. Biopack America’s strategy includes direct sales of “to-go” containers and catering products, participation in industry trade shows and conferences, and the identification and selection of sub-distribution partners throughout the United States.

Biopack has already developed a strong market base in Europe with major chain grocery brands such as Carrefour and Sainsbury using their products, and is now looking to build on that success by establishing a brand presence in the US with this comprehensive product launch and marketing plan. To view the entire press release, which outlines Biopack’s US marketing strategy in detail, just click the link below.

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