Avanti’s Kitsault Environmental Assessment Application Accepted After Screening Review

February 22, 2012

Avanti Mining Inc. (TSX-V: AVT; OTC Other: AVNMF) announced today that its Environmental Assessment (EA) Application for the Kitsault Mine Project in northern BC, has been accepted by the Province for formal review after the Screening Assessment. The Province has concluded that the draft EA Application meets the application requirements as stated in the Project Application Information Requirements (AIR). All members of the Project Technical Working Group participated in the Screening Assessment, including Provincial and Federal regulators as well as First Nations. Avanti will assess and finalize its EA Application over the next 30 days and when completed, the 180-day legislated review of the document will commence.

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Dr. Copper In The House: Thom @ Large

January 27, 2012

By Thom Calandra


VANCOUVER, Canada — Vancouver’s two January resources get-ups, Cambridge House for investors and B.C. Round Up for geos & technicians, gave us flogging five-day rains, one superb NHL hockey match … and plenty of hard-asset bravado:

  • “I don’t own stocks any more; I own colored diamonds,” diamond seller Colin Ferguson told me at a private party I hosted with Cambridge House‘s Joe Martin. (I invite the guests and Joe entertains ’em.)  Mr. Ferguson, a 51-year-old Vancouver Island resident, says we’ll see reports of diamond warehousing by aggressive hedge funds. Worldwide demand for diamonds is on track to exceed supply by 7 million carats. The “coloreds,” champagnes (cognac hues), pinks, blues and greens, are beginning to flash in fashion-minded markets. Colin will be at Mr. Martin’s Palm Springs investment conference at Indian Wells, California, in two weeks. I want to see more of these stones. (See: www. cambridgehouse.com)

    Dr. Clarke At PMI Gold Booth

  • “Poly-metallic mines and properties are always in demand,” Tom Macneill says. I came across Mr. Macneill, a lifelong  Saskatchewan resident and longtime chief of 49 North Resources (FNR in Canada), across the street from Waterfront at lunchtime. Tom, sitting at a lunch counter, is sitting on his merchant bank’s 10-percent-plus ownership of surging DNI Metals (DNI). DNI is a northern Canada smorgasbord of elements in an expansive property portfolio. I am fortunate to own FNR and DNI after a fishing trip a couple years back with Tom, Bob Bishop, Doug Casey and others, way up there in Saskatchewan. (By the way, Mr. Macneill is hot on uranium prospectors right now — especially one big one whose first letter is C and its last O.)
  • I tested my latest think on the exhibit floor at the Joe show; copper-gold porphyrys will outpace market gains of all metals equities in coming weeks. “When Dr. Copper is in the house, it’s a very, very, very good house,” says Don Mosher. Don represents Riverstone Resources (RVS), a Burkina Faso prospector whose shares look ready to bust out after a largely ignored resource report. A geologist I rely on for analysis, Dr. Peter Megaw of Minaurum (Gold (MGG), Candente Gold and others, told me, “Copper is a big-company business. A billion tonnes of half-percent copper with the gold credit blended in, that takes care of a lot of the risk of taking on a development.”

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Thom Calandra: White Sabbath For Moscow

December 27, 2011

MOSCOW (BabyBulls.com) – Just back from Russia, where I was researching what might be a diamond in the rough. More on that early next year after some double-D.

I returned from Moscow on Saturday, when 100,000 or so Russians demonstrated peacefully amidst slush, ice and bitter cold. Their white sabbath came after a protest three weeks ago against election shenanigans and  Kremlin leaders P&M. Prime Minister Putin and his onetime campaign manager, President Medvedev,  ”are two midgets who will keep tossing their balls back and forth as long as they can,” one investment banker told me during my visit.

This Concert Poster Needs No Explanation: Go Ozzie GO

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Avanti Mining Submits Kitsault Mine Project Environmental Assessment Application

December 22, 2011

Avanti Mining (OTC Other: AVNMF; TSX-V: AVT) has submitted its Environmental Assessment (“EA”) Application for the Kitsault Mine Project in northern BC for the required 30-day review. This over 7,000+ page document will be reviewed for its compliance with our Application Information Requirements by the British Columbia Environmental Assesment Office, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and members of the Kitsault EA Working Group. The 30-day Screening Review period ends January 22, 2012, however Avanti has requested and BC EAO is considering a 15 day extension to this period because of the holiday season.

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Avanti Mining Completes Loan with Resource Capital Funds

December 7, 2011

Avanti Mining (OTC Other: AVNMF; TSX-V: AVT) has entered into a loan agreement with Resource Capital Funds for $5 million, the purpose of which is to provide general working capital while the Company focuses on finding a partner for the development of its Kitsault molybdenum project.  The Loan will accrue interest at a rate of 12% per year, which is payable at the end of each quarter in cash or common shares of the Company, at RCF’s option.

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Avanti Reports Balance of Results From Its 2011 Drill Program at the Kitsault Molybdenum Project

November 29, 2011

Avanti Mining Inc. (TSX-V: AVT.Vis pleased to announce that it has received assays from the last 11 holes of its 2011 drill program at the Kitsault Mine molybdenum project located in northwest British Colombia. The 2011 drilling program totaled 32 holes for 9,989 meters at the Kitsault deposit, 11 condemnation holes total 558 meters around Kitsault and 26 holes totaling 2,803 meters at Roundy Creek for a total of 12,350 meters. 

In the release, Craig J. Nelsen, President & CEO of Avanti stated: “Results presented in this release complete the results of the 2011 drilling program and include the balance of the results from the last 6 holes south of Patsy Creek at the Kitsault deposit and the last 5 holes at Roundy Creek located about four kilometers west of Kitsault. This year’s program was intended to convert approximately 35 million tonnes of Inferred material within the Kitsault final feasibility pit design that is currently defined as waste. We expect the drilling at Kitsault to convert a significant amount of Inferred resource to Indicated and Indicated to Measured. The drilling at Roundy Creek was intended to confirm prior drilling and allow us to calculate an initial 43-101 resource at this high-grade prospect.”

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Thom Calandra: Taking Calculated Yet Extreme Risks in Mining

November 21, 2011

Thom Calandra, a long-time journalist and mining investor, knows what risks to stomach in search of jaw-dropping returns. Geopolitical risk, for one. Karen Roche of The Gold Report caught up with him at The New Orleans Investment Conference to see what this 30-year veteran of analyzing financial markets took away from the event. In this interview, Calandra revealed what mining gems he’ll be eyeing for his portfolio and why he’ll never invest without setting foot on a project first.

The Gold Report: Thom, you’ve been able to identify some tenfold-return candidates in Ghana, Colombia, Sierra Leone, Quebec and Ethiopia. What creates a candidate that can give you a 10x return and how does one find these candidates?

Thom Calandra: Karen, I’ve been a financial journalist for 30 years. I’ve focused entirely on natural resources for the past 12 years. I’m also a very heavy investor and I do some investor relations on the side. That combination gives me the ability to meet people a retail investor might not. I like to think I know most of the companies out there with interesting projects.

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