Lynden Energy Corp.: Preliminary Term Sheet With Texas Capital Bank for Credit Facility

July 13, 2011

Lynden Energy (TSX-V: LVL and OTC Other: LVLEF) reported today that it has executed a preliminary term sheet with Texas Capital Bank of Dallas, Texas which contemplates the provision of a three year reducing revolving line of credit in an amount up to US$50 million. If implemented, the Credit Facility will provide for an initial borrowing base of US$9.5 million.

The Credit Facility will bear interest determined by the percent of the borrowing base utilized and by elections made by the company. A minimum interest rate of 4.5% is required on borrowings under the Credit Facility. Payments under the Credit Facility will be required to the extent that outstanding principal and interest exceed the borrowing base. Other fees will also apply.

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Lynden Energy Converts 103,400 Acre Mitchell Ranch Option into Lease; Leases 35,000 Acres to Large E&P Company

July 5, 2011

Lynden Energy (OTC Other: LVLEF; TSX-V: LVL), along with its working interest partner, CrownRock, have entered into a term assignment with a large, independent exploration and production company (“SeniorCo”), covering approximately 35,000 acres of the 103,400 acre Mitchell Ranch Project. Lynden and CrownRock have used the consideration paid by SeniorCo to exercise the option on the Mitchell Ranch Project. Accordingly, the entire 103,400 acre block has been converted to a single lease with a 36 month term which can be extended through subsequent continuous development on the lease.

Pursuant to the 30 month term assignment to SeniorCo, which can be extended by 90 day continuous development, Lynden and CrownRock retain a 2.5% (as to 1.25% each) overriding royalty interest on the term assignment acreage. The term assignment acreage is a contiguous block generally located in the southern third of the Mitchell Ranch Project.

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Lynden Energy’s Mitchell Ranch Provides Encouraging Results

June 7, 2011

Lynden Energy (OTC Other: LVLEF; TSX-V: LVL) recently completed a Lower Wolfcamp zone between 4,900 and 5,000 feet, which for the last 8 days since oil production began, has averaged an estimated 84 barrels of oil and 15 mcf of gas per day.  The well has averaged 67 barrels of water per day over the same period and it is estimated that the well still has approximately 58% of the total load from the completion to recover. This is the third oil productive interval in this well.

There is more work to do, but these results indicate that the Company is on the right track and that, with fingers crossed, additional similar good news will be forthcoming. 

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Lynden Energy Provides Update at Wolfberry

May 6, 2011

Lynden Energy (OTC Other: LVLEF; TSX-V: LVL) continues with a rapid oil and gas development program on its Wolfberry project located in the Permian Basin of West Texas.  Since the last update in February, two additional wells have been drilled.  One of the new wells has been completed and is expected to be tied into production in the next few days and the other should be completed in the next 3 weeks or so.  A third new well is being drilled.  Lynded in funding 50% of the costs to earn a 43.75% interest in the leases.

The Company currently has 8 gross producing Wolfberry Project wells. In the month of April the Company’s net production, before royalties, from the wells averaged 190 barrels of oil and 470 mcf of gas per day, or 268 barrels of oil equivalent per day (conversion ratio of 6 mcf of natural gas to 1 barrel of oil). Over the past 10 days, production from the wells averaged 168 barrels of oil and 473 mcf of gas per day, or 247 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

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Lynden Energy Update on Permian Basin Activity

February 8, 2011

Lynden Energy (OTC Other: LVLEF; TSX-V: LVL) has been busy in the Permian Basin, West Texas with its Wolfberry and Mitchell Ranch projects.  At Wolfberry, three new wells have recently been tied to production and all three of which are currently producing unassisted, however the wells will be put on pump once initial pressure levels begin to drop.  With these three wells, there are a total of eight in production at Wolfberry.  Below is an overview of the three which recently came on line. 

At Mitchell Ranch, Lynden has the option to acquire a 50% working interest in 101,495 gross and net acres also in West Texas.  To date, Lynden and its partner have drilled two wells, the first of which is now producing oil and gas at rates which exceed the economic threshold for wells this deep and on which additional analysis is being completed.  Limited quantities of oil and gas have been observed in the second well and a decision has been made to return into the hole and test a zone at the bottom of the hole that is productive in nearby wells.

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Lynden Energy Completes $10.1 Million Financing

November 23, 2010

Lynden Energy Corp. (OTC Other: LVLEF; TSX-V: LVL) completed a $10.1 million financing through the sale of units priced at $0.50 per unit.  Each unit consisted of 1 common share and 1 warrant to purchase a common share at $0.70 for a period of three years.  The financing was completed in three tranches.

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Lynden Wolfberry Update, Including Reserves and Wells to Spud

October 29, 2010

Lynden Energy (OTC OTher: LVLEF; TSX-V: LVL) proved plus probable reserves are estimated to be 8.25 million barrels of oil and 22 billion cubic feet of gas.  Of this amount, proved reserves were 1.28 million barrels of oil and 3.7 billion cubic feet of gas, the estimated NPV of which was calculated to be $64.0 million.

As a result of the recently completed financing, the Company seeks to expand its Wolfberry Project by upgrading the reserves through development drilling and by acquiring additional acreage. The Company expects three new Wolfberry Project wells to be spudded within the next ten days. Lynden is funding 50% of the cost of the three wells to earn a 43.75% working interest. Additional wells are expected to be spudded before the end of the year. The Company also expects to maintain an aggressive pace in developing its Wolfberry Project in 2011.

All of the Company’s activities should result in plenty of positive news flow and additional interest in the stock.

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