Gold Standard Announces Drill Results From Ongoing Exploration on Its Carlin Trend Railroad Property in Nevada

November 15, 2011

Gold Standard Ventures Corp. (TSX-V: GV; OTCQX: GDVXF) reported today on the first phase of its 2011 exploration drill program at its 100%-controlled flagship Railroad Project in Nevada’s Carlin Trend. The key objective for the program is to locate and intersect high-grade feeder structures for the unusually extensive and thick sections of low-grade gold mineralization discovered on the property.

Drill intercepts to date indicate: (1) unusually thick sections of exactly the same geology and style of mineralization which mark the best gold deposits in the northern part of the Carlin Trend; (2) very long runs of pervasive gold values which have been increasing in grade as the program advances; and (3) some localized assays as high as 4 g/t which suggest proximity to feeder structures.

In the release Vice President of Exploration, Dave Mathewson stated: “We believe we have identified the approximate location of the north-south trending North Bullion Fault zone on the eastern flank of the thick, low-grade peripheral gold mineralization we have intersected in several holes. Based on what we have seen so far, this potential high-grade target zone has all the right features…very complex, highly altered, gold-bearing, collapse and tectonically created breccias with an associated large fault. We have reconfigured our program to provide an assessment of this zone with angled core drilling. We also continue to pursue the broader North Bullion target zone northward and westward seeking additional feeder structures. We have much yet to accomplish this season and will likely continue drilling into early next year.”

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Gold Standard Becomes a Reporting Issuer With the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

October 4, 2011

Gold Standard Ventures Corp. (OTCQX: GDVXF; TSX-V: GV)  announced today that it has now become a United States reporting issuer by filing a 20-F registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The Registration Statement registers the Company’s common shares under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

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Gold Standard Takes Steps to Increase Drill Productivity at Carlin Railroad Project and Expands Land Holdings

August 25, 2011

Gold Standard Ventures Corp. (TSX-V: GV and OTCQX: GDVXF)  reported today that the first two months of drilling at its 25 square mile flagship Railroad Project on the prolific Nevada Carlin Trend has progressed far more slowly than originally planned but remedial action by management is gradually increasing productivity to acceptable levels.

Gold Standard Exploration Vice President Dave Mathewson noted that “difficult drilling conditions have reduced our footage to less than half of what we had budgeted for June and July. Essentially, we are offsetting this shortfall by: (1) increasing the number of rigs; (2) upgrading to larger, more powerful drills; (3) adding more drill crews to reduce downtime for breaks; and (4) evaluating improved technology to overcome loss of water pressure due to the intense fracturing of the rock being drilled.

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Gold Standard Expands Railroad Drill Program

July 26, 2011

Gold Standard Ventures (OTCQX: GDVXF; TSX-V: GV) has expanded its exploration program on its 100% controlled, 22 square mile, Railroad Project located on the Carlin Gold Trend in north-central Nevada.

Two core rigs and 1 RC rig are now testing two of the three main target zones on the property. The RC rig and a core drill are testing the North Bullion target zone where significant mineralization was discovered by Gold Standard late in 2010. The other core drill is testing the historic Bullion district near the center of the project area. In August, a third core drill will begin drilling the as yet untested Railroad fault zone, an apparent analog to the Rain fault to the north and the third main target on the Railroad project.

According to Dave Matthewson, Vice President of Exploration, “Visually, and supported by assay results from our core holes, we continue to see strong indications of a significant gold system and exceptionally large and very complex, multi-stage collapse breccias within the 800 foot thick Devils Gate limestone and up into the overlying clastic rock units. This setting is nearly identical to the rock-structure setting along the Post Fault at the north end of the Carlin Trend which includes the Deep Star, Goldstrike, Rodeo and Meikle deposits. It is essentially impossible to distinguish the Bootstrap limestone host in the north Carlin area from the Devils Gate limestone host in the Railroad district. I believe that to achieve major success, we simply need to find the feeder zones for all this rock damage, alteration, and gold.”

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Gold Standard to Host Annual Meeting on June 28th

June 21, 2011

Gold Standard Ventures (OTCQX: GDVXF; TSX: GV) has scheduled it annual shareholder meeting for 10:00am PST on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at the Terminal City Club in Vancouver, B.C.  Copies of the Company’s Notice of Annual and Special Meeting, Information Circular and forms of proxy and voting instruction form were mailed to the Company’s shareholders, but due to the current labor disruption in Canadian postal service, the Company wishes to advise its shareholders that copies of the Meeting Materials have been filed and are available for viewing at  Shareholders may also request a copy of the Meeting Materials directly from the Company by telephone at (778) 588 7139 or email at

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Gold Standard Adopts Shareholder Rights Plan

June 2, 2011

Gold Standard Ventures (OTCQX: GDVXF; TSX-V: GV) has adopted a shareholder rights plan agreement designed to encourage fair and equal treatment of all shareholders in connection with any takeover bid for the Company. The Plan is similar to rights plans adopted by other Canadian companies and approved by their shareholders and has not been adopted in response to any pending or threaten takeover bid for Gold Standard nor is Gold Standard is aware of any such effort. While the Plan is effective immediately, it is subject to ratification by the shareholders of the Company within six months of its adoption. Gold Standard intends to seek shareholder ratification of the Plan at its upcoming 2011 annual and special meeting scheduled for June 28, 2011.

The primary objective of the Plan is to provide the Board and shareholders with sufficient time to fully consider any takeover bid for the Company and provide the Board will more time to explore and, if appropriate, pursue other alternatives to maximize shareholder value.  A summary of the principal terms of the Plan will be described in the management information circular to be sent to all shareholders prior to the 2011 AGM and a complete copy of the Plan has been filed on SEDAR and is available for viewing at

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Gold Standard Commences Drilling at Railroad Property

June 2, 2011

Gold Standard Ventures (OTCQX: GDVXF; TSX-V: GV) has commenced at Gold Standard’s flagship Railroad project on the Carlin Trend in Nevada.

The first hole to be drilled will be the completion of RR10-16 in the North Bullion Fault Zone which was partially drilled in late 2010 to a depth of 900 feet using a reverse circulation (RC) rig. This hole bottomed in the strongest gold mineralization encountered in the 2010 reconnaissance program. As surface ground conditions continue to improve, a larger RC drill will be added to the Railroad program, to expedite results. The RC rig will be used to drill more quickly and inexpensively to the target depth where the hole will be re-entered and completed using the core rig which provides more geological information and more accurate assay data.

According to Dave Matthewson, VP of Exploration, “Now that access conditions allow, we are very excited to re-commence our drilling program at Railroad which was terminated late last year due to weather. Our top priority is to follow-up drilling on the thick intercepts of gold mineralization encountered late last year within the North Bullion Fault Zone. We will also be conducting the first focused drill testing of the Railroad Fault Zone, a target analogous to the prolific Rain Fault Zone in Newmont’s Rain district just to the north. In addition, we will soon be drill testing several new targets in the historic Bullion Mining district of our Railroad project.”

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