Lynden Energy Reports Positive Results from First Tubb Prospect Well

January 31, 2012

Lynden Energy (OTC Other: LVLEF; TSX-V: LVL) has drilled its first Tubb Prospect Well in West Texas to a total depth of 9,545 feet, and in late December 2011, 12 stages of fracture stimulation were carried out.  In addition to several completion stages in the Wolfcamp formation, completions were also carried out in the deeper Cisco, Canyon, Strawn, Atoka and Mississippian formations.

In early January, the well was tied into production and has averaged 109 barrels of oil per day and 264 barrels of water per day in the 23 days since the well was tied-in. The well has also produced 106 mcf of gas per day in the eleven days since the measurement of gas began. Oil gravity from the Tubb A #1 is estimated to be 43 degrees API.

Initial results from the well have exceeded management’s expectations and are suggestive of the significant development potential for the relatively untested Tubb Prospect Area. Successful results in the Tubb Prospect Area could allow for the drilling of approximately 170 gross wells, at 40 acre spacing, on currently leased acreage.

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Lynden Energy’s Texas Star: Thom @ Large

January 9, 2012

By Thom Calandra

Energy investing ideas are occasionally my cup of coffee.  Years ago, five or so years of my almost 30-year newspaper career was covering Chevron Corp., which was based in San Francisco. On the wire front, those who followed me at my got my takes on alternative energy, on Oklahoma natural gas and on other LNG (liquid natural gas) investments.

I know some of the new energy crowd, among them Ross Beaty of hydrothermal Alterra Energy, Robert Friedland of Ivanhoe Energy … a few uranium prospectors from Saskatchewan and Australia … and a collection of rock geologists who started their careers in petroleum. At Bloomberg in London, I was right around the corner from Royal Shell central. North Sea oil traders and shippers are thick as the trees in Sherwood Forest in the city of London.

The other day, looking at our roster of Torrey Hills Capital clients, I came across Lynden Energy (TSX-V: LVL; OTC: LVLEF). I did a double-take; about two years ago, I asked geologist Raul Madrid and a partner of his, Richard Andrews, over to breakfast to hear about their Texas lone star Lynden. (See Thom’s original article.)

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Lynden Reports Intention to Undertake a Normal Course Issuer Bid

December 14, 2011

Lynden Energy Corp. (TSX-V: LVL; OTC Other: LVLEF) reported that subject to TSX Venture Exchange acceptance, it intends to conduct a normal course issuer bid to purchase for cancellation up to 4,730,526 of its common shares representing approximately 5% of its issued and outstanding share capital. The normal course issuer bid will be conducted through the facilities of the TSX Venture Exchange.

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Ranting Andy: Twice in a Lifetime

November 30, 2011

RANTING ANDY – Here we go again!

One day of rising stock prices, care of a spirited, PPT-aided media attempt to spin “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” as symbols of meaningful progress, and the news is abuzz of “green shoots of recovery.”  Due to the factors listed in yesterday’s RANT, I take the opposite view entirely.  In other words, if “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” sales are so strong in an environment of deep economic decline, plunging stock markets, and record-low consumer sentiment, then something far more ominous than what we have seen to date is at play.

I believe the main reason for such strong early-season sales is that it has simply become a trend to shop earlier than in the past, particularly when “doorbuster” sales (I get ill writing that word) might ease the cost burden.  Retailers are in desperate straits, as for most, their ENTIRE year’s profitability is earned during the holiday season.  Thus, the urge to grab as high a market share of this year’s scant retail buying power is powerful, even if obtained at the expense of profits, which will surely drop this year due to the weak margins resulting from deep discounting.

If there’s one thing I’m positive of it’s that, at best, strong “Black Friday” sales are meaningless, and at worst, a symptom of further desperation on the part of both cash-strapped buyers and profit-starved sellers.

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Invest in Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Oil to Protect Against Subsequent Dollar Collapse

November 9, 2011

PETALUMA, CA (The Gold Report) – 

The Gold Report: Richard, last month, you made a presentation at the Casey Research/Sprott Inc. “When Money Dies” Summit entitled “The War that Will Kill the Dollar.” You explained that the corrupting influence of power had sent our country’s leaders shopping for war, disregarding Westphalian respect for sovereignty and hastening the collapse of society. What are the signs that we are reaching a critical point? And, is there any way we can change course?

Richard Maybury: You can see the signs very clearly in the Middle East and North Africa. The Federal government is involved in several wars there that have nothing to do with America. One of the best examples is Libya. U.S. officials are taking credit for Moammar Gadhafi’s death just a year after they were bragging about having tamed the threat. Now Libya is a mess. It will very likely be taken over by some sort of Islamic government that isn’t going to be very friendly to America.

TGR: Why do we, as a country, do this? If it’s not going to end well for us, what’s the economic or political reason to get involved?

RM: The U.S. government gets into wars in far corners of the world that have nothing to do with America because the leaders like getting into wars. That is how presidents achieve greatness in the history books. A president has no prayer of going down in history as great unless he has won a war. Look at Mount Rushmore. All four presidents featured there won wars. That seems to be the number one criteria historians use for deciding whether someone is a great president. It constitutes an automatic incentive to go out looking for wars.

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Thunderbird Energy Update

October 28, 2011

Thunderbird Energy (OTC Other: TBDYF; TSX-V: TBD) has commenced drilling and workover operations at the Company’s Gordon Creek natural gas field. This represents the commencement of a total program of 50 new wells and 5 workovers of existing wells to be carried out in 2011 and 2012. A substantial portion of the funding for these operations was provided through a $25 million commodity stream agreement with Sandstorm Metals & Energy announced July 13, 2011.

Further to the Company’s August 11, 2011 press release, the Southwest Regional Partnership on Carbon Sequestration’s (SWP) Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) deployment phase (Phase III) which is sited at Gordon Creek, is proceeding with a variety of design and permitting activities. The initial focus of the field activities will include an extensive 3D seismic shoot in order to gain further understanding of the structure that is believed to host the previously discovered CO2 at Gordon Creek and to optimize the location of the initial CO2 source well to be drilled in 2012. The project will also be re-working the existing injection well at Gordon Creek in order to conduct a high rate combine CO2-Water injectivity test.

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Ranting Andy: Dedication

October 20, 2011

RANTING ANDY – Back in the saddle after three days of traveling, with plenty on my mind, I’m happy to say.  I am touched by the multitude of emails from readers wondering where I was, but unfortunately I was literally out of cell phone and internet range in the wilds of Montana. 

One reader worried I had “lost my fire” because I hadn’t sent a RANT in two days, which I assure you DID NOT, and WILL NEVER, happen.  Actually, I spent three hours at the Spokane Airport writing “HUMAN NATURE, PART I” on Monday morning, and another four writing “RECORD BREAKING HORRIBLE HEADLINES TO MARKET ACTION RATIO” yesterday, both of which you have by now.  Unfortunately, if I am not at my PC with the master email distribution list, I cannot get RANTS out in as timely a fashion as I’d like.  But I’ll work on it for the future, I promise.

Regarding the question of my fire, I’d like to thank the reader submitting that comment, as it inspired this morning’s RANT.  The past two RANTS focused on the literally dozens of “horrible headlines” that appear to be emerging like crabgrass in August.  Just keeping up with the pace of financial collapse is difficult, and I assure you this morning is no different.  However, to avoid being sucked into the news flow vortex, today I have simply agglomerated the most recent “horrible headlines”, as well as some other relevant reading material, into an addendum at the end of this missive.

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