CareView’s SITTERVIEW Offers Better Solution and Lower Costs

CareView Communications (OTCBB: CRVW) has completed development of SitterView™, an innovative application that employs mobile technology to enable healthcare providers to better utilize patient sitters, improve patient safety, and reduce sitter costs. SitterView™ allows a single sitter the ability to monitor multiple patients and utilize the safety features of CareView’s NurseView™ and Virtual Bed Rails™ applications.  SitterView™ is ready for immediate deployment to existing and new users of the CareView System™.

According to Samuel A. Greco, CareView’s Chief Executive Officer, “CareView is continually working to help our healthcare facilities better utilize technology and human resources to better serve patients, reduce costs and help create the safest environment possible. We believe SitterView™ does that and more. SitterView™ uses smart pad technology to allow a single sitter to monitor multiple patients and multiple sitters to cover each other to insure that patients at risk for a fall continually have multiple sets of eyes on them.  We are committed to providing cost-effective solutions that enhance safety and care while reducing costs. SitterView™ accomplishes that goal and we are sure that our existing and new customers will see this beneficial add-on as an integral part of patient safety in their facilities.”

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