Thom@Large: Wheelchairs in West Africa

BabyBulls (ACCRA, Ghana) – Three companies, including our own African Gold Group (OTC Other: AGGFF; TSX-V: AGG), participated in a wheelchair donation program in West Africa this month.  The wheelchairs go to needy residents of areas where metals prospectors and miners work. In this case, the good news came to 260 chairs in Mali and 260 in Ghana.

A longtime friend, Gordon Holmes of The Gold Report, spearheaded the wheelchair idea a few years ago via a winery he owns up the freeway from where I live in northern California.

“Each shipping container holds 260 chairs,” Gordon told me today (Thursday).

I got to experience the wheelchair spirit in November, when Great Panther Silver, another of our Torrey Hills clients, and Endeavour Silver chipped in to donate a bunch of them near Guanajuato in Mexico. The emotion was intense.

“It sounds like a small thing to us, maybe, but it’s not,” says Robert Archer, CEO of Great Panther Silver. “There are real tears when these chairs go to families.” Bob, Gordon and others worked with former Mexico President Vicente Fox at that event.

Gordon’s wheelchair program  started at his Lookout Ridge Winery, whose $100 bottles of wine help subsidize the cost of the China-made chairs. In the case of Mexico, Africa and other corporate efforts, the program coordinates with miners and prospectors to place chairs directly in the hands of the folks who need them.

I am hoping my beloved nation of Colombia is next. I have seen poverty in Africa. I have seen poverty in Oakland, Calif. I have seen poverty, stark and biting, in Colombia.

In addition to Michael Nikiforuk’s African Gold Group, Keegan Resources and Legend Gold stepped up to the plate in West Africa this month. All three have working camps trolling for gold.

In Canada, Joe Martin’s Cambridge House conference company has contributed its heft in the world of natural resources companies for the wheelchair effort.

Probably North America’s largest conference for individual investors, Cambridge House’s natural resources gathering is next week, Jan. 22-23, in Vancouver. I am hoping a few CEOs and COOs hunt down Joe Martin or Gordon to see how they might assist families in their respective mining and exploration jurisdictions.

How to do it? Support wheelchair programs here.

— Thom Calandra

– Thom Calandra is a lifelong author whose work has appeared in newspapers, newsletters, magazines and across the Web. He is a founder of CBS MarketWatch, now Dow Jones MarketWatch. He is a member of Torrey Hills Capital. African Gold Group and Great Panther Silver are clients and provide stock options to Torrey Hills in return for investor outreach services. Your comments are welcome. See:

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