Rick Mills: Investing in Junior Miners

December 28, 2011

COQUITLAM, BC (Ahead of the Herd) – It’s a fact in the mining world that most discoveries are made by a) junior mining companies and b) old time individual prospectors.

It’s hard to invest in a prospector, fortunately if you want to invest in a potential discovery or the building of something of value – be in on the discovery of a mineral deposit and be there as the company moves it down the development path towards a mine – there are quality junior companies to choose from, there are opportunities to back excellent management teams with your investment money.

Juniors, not majors, own the world’s future mines and juniors are the ones most adept at finding these future mines. They already own, and find more of, what the world’s larger mining companies need to replace reserves and grow their asset base.

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Thom Calandra: White Sabbath For Moscow

December 27, 2011

MOSCOW (BabyBulls.com) – Just back from Russia, where I was researching what might be a diamond in the rough. More on that early next year after some double-D.

I returned from Moscow on Saturday, when 100,000 or so Russians demonstrated peacefully amidst slush, ice and bitter cold. Their white sabbath came after a protest three weeks ago against election shenanigans and  Kremlin leaders P&M. Prime Minister Putin and his onetime campaign manager, President Medvedev,  ”are two midgets who will keep tossing their balls back and forth as long as they can,” one investment banker told me during my visit.

This Concert Poster Needs No Explanation: Go Ozzie GO

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Avanti Mining Submits Kitsault Mine Project Environmental Assessment Application

December 22, 2011

Avanti Mining (OTC Other: AVNMF; TSX-V: AVT) has submitted its Environmental Assessment (“EA”) Application for the Kitsault Mine Project in northern BC for the required 30-day review. This over 7,000+ page document will be reviewed for its compliance with our Application Information Requirements by the British Columbia Environmental Assesment Office, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency and members of the Kitsault EA Working Group. The 30-day Screening Review period ends January 22, 2012, however Avanti has requested and BC EAO is considering a 15 day extension to this period because of the holiday season.

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Nortec Minerals Corp. Shares Recommended by Resource Guru Lawrence Roulston

December 22, 2011

Nortec Minerals Corp. (TSX-V: NVT; OTC Other: NMNZF) was written up recently by highly regarded resource newsletter writer Lawrence Roulston in a non-sponsored editorial which highlights several near term value drivers for the junior gold explorer including the recent spin off of their LK project to Finore as well as two highly prospective exploration projects in Finland – Seinajoki and Tammela. LK is a large tonnage (30 million tonnes) PGM (platinum group metals) + gold + base metal project which Finore plans to add considerable tonnage with a large 2012 exploration program. After vending LK for a combination of cash, stock and work commitments totaling just north of $20 million, Nortec retains a 20% stake in this project which could become a very valuable asset on their balance sheet once fully developed.  The Company’s Seinajoki and Tammela exploration targets in Finland have already exhibited excellent drill results which Nortec plans to further develop in the first half of 2012.

Here is a brief excerpt from the coverage which sums up the situation nicely: “At the current share price, the company is heavily oversold. With a highly regarded geological team and high quality projects, the share price should rebound fairly quickly. Favorable results from the work planned over the coming months could add enormous value.”

Here is a link to the full report:

Golden Valley Samples 109 g/t Gold, 91 g/t Silver, and 1.9% Moly

December 21, 2011

Golden Valley Mines  (OTC Other: GLVMF; TSX-V: GZZ) has completed its 2011 exploration program on its 100% owned properties within the Abitibi Greenstone Belt in Quebec and Ontario.  Exploration activities focused primarily on preliminary fieldwork, including “boot and hammer” prospecting and sampling, grid establishment, and follow-up ground geophysical surveys.  The purpose of the 2011 program was to upgrade and advance each property to “drill-ready” status. 

To date, a total of 17 grids have been established on separate properties for a total of 255.5 line kilometres; and 18 individual property geophysical surveys have been completed. Based on these geophysical results as well as results from 2010, 52 “higher priority targets” were interpreted and have been proposed for approximately 6,915 metres of drill testing.

In addition, a summer 2011 prospecting and sampling program was completed targeting geophysical anomalies and historical surface showings, over the Company’s 100%-owned properties acquired by the Company over the last several years. 24 prospects and/or areas of interest were prospected and sampled, resulting in the collection and assay of 102 rock samples, highlights of which include: 109.0 g/t gold & 22.8 ppm silver from the Baden Prospect; 5.81 g/t gold & 19.4 ppm silver from the Gosselin Prospect; 91.0 ppm silver, 2.10% zinc, 7,670 ppm lead from the Jonsmith Prospect, and 20.4 g/t gold from the Oregon Prospect and 1.9% molybdenum and 2.9 ppm silver from the Steeloy Prospect.

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Goldgroup Mining Corporate Video Showcasing Caballo Blanco Gold Project in Veracruz, Mexico

December 21, 2011

Goldgroup Mining (TSX: GGA and OTC: GGAZF) made available today a very high quality HD corporate overview video which highlights both the Company’s mission to build sustainable, environmentally responsible gold mining in Mexico as well as the scope and development stage of their flagship gold property: Caballo Blanco – slated to begin gold production in the second half of 2012 at an initial annual run rate of 100,000 ounces per year. If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is the next quantum leap beyond that and is easily the best corporate video we have ever seen. We have visited the Caballo Blanco project area and this roughly five-minute video accurately captures both the indomitable spirit of the local people in the area that have embraced Caballo Blanco (and will benefit direclty from the project as it moves rapidly towards production) as well as the sheer magnitude and upside potential of this soon to be large-scale gold producer just north of Veracruz. We recommend that everyone take a look at this corporate presentation as soon as possible (it’s done in HD so it looks great at full screen mode) and see if you don’t agree with us that Goldgroup is effectively raising the bar for all mining groups operating in Mexico with their concept of “armonía” – the balancing of environment, the local community and the life-work of the Goldgroup mining team.



Adrian Ash: Deflation, Gold, and the Dollar

December 21, 2011

LONDON (BullionVault.com) – So 2012 will mark the fifth anniversary of the global financial crisis. There’s little reason to think it’s reached its end yet. Merry Christmas.

Banking and household leverage in the rich West has barely ticked lower from the credit bubble’s historic peak of 2007. Financial leverage has only been reduced by a fraction, while governments have been stuffed like a French goose with that new debt spurned by the private sector since 2008.

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