Functional Technologies Commences Confirmatory Food Trials With Acrylamide-Preventing Yeasts in Non-Bread, Starch-Based Foods for European Food Processor

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire -11/16/11)- Functional Technologies Corp. (TSX-V: FEB.VNews) (the “Company”) is pleased to announce it has commenced evaluation food trials for a leading European producer of intermediary starch-based food products including extruded snack food pellets (the “Collaborator”), which are purchased and integrated by numerous downstream food manufacturers into a variety of other food products. These downstream food manufacturers represent many brand leaders in the processed food industries, and the Collaborator has established its global position over decades.

In the release, Howard Louie, CEO and chairman of Functional Technologies stated: “Functional Technologies continues to generate validating commercial interest in its yeast platforms, endorsing the appeal of its acrylamide-preventing technologies as a potentially valuable strategy to mitigate the risk of this food contaminant. This collaboration also speaks to the opportunity for the Company’s proprietary yeasts to have critical impact in a wide range of food applications, which is enabled in part by the platform nature of our technologies in being able to address any number of yeast strains to suit the various needs of end-user food producers across multiple sectors.”

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