Mkango Intersects Further Extensive REE Zones at Songwe and Provides Exploration Update

Mkango Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: MKA) announced today results for the remaining three holes (PX027, PX030 and PX031) of the Stage 1 drilling programme at the Songwe project in Malawi. Highlight include: 81.5m grading 1.3% TREO (20.3 – 1o1.8), including 18.7m grading 2.1% TREO (80.0 – 98.7 from hole PX027 and 13.0m grading 1.4% TREO (68.0 – 81.0m).

 The main highlights from the first phase of exploration are as follows:

  • Eleven of the thirteen holes drilled in Stage 1 intersected significant zones of rare earth mineralisation, including higher grade zones and areas of heavy rare earth enrichment. Drilling and surface mapping to date have confirmed that the extent of the mineralised carbonatite is much greater than indicated by historical exploration
  • Drilling, surface mapping and sampling has outlined TREO enriched carbonatite, fenite and breccia lithologies, largely exposed at surface, within an area measuring approximately 350m by 20-150m, with mineralisation open to depth. This area will be the focus of the next phase of drilling.
  • Rare earth mineralisation, in addition to niobium mineralisation, is pervasive throughout the carbonatite, breccia and fenite lithologies and there appears to be a separate phase of heavy rare earth and yttrium enriched mineralisation which extends well beyond the carbonatite zones
  • Mineralogical analysis of the rare earth bearing lithologies is well advanced and representative sections of core are now being selected for scoping metallurgical test work to commence in 2012
  • Exploration has recently identified two breccia zones within 3km of Songwe with highly anomalous yttrium values as analysed by a hand held niton XRF
  • Regional exploration has commenced, targeting other known vent systems, breccia zones and other new exploration targets identified through satellite imagery and analysis of radiometric data

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