Functional Technologies Enters into Evaluation Agreement with Significant European Confectionary Producer

Functional Technologies (OTC Other: FEBTF; TSX-V: FEB) has entered into an agreement with a leading European producer of sweet & savoury baked goods, snacks and confectionaries in which the European entity can evaluate the Company’s proprietary acrylamide-preventing yeast technology in its food products.

Regarded as a top-tiered confectionary producer in Europe, the collaboration partner is seeking innovative strategies that mitigate acrylamide in numerous products, but with minimal impact on sensory attributes of the end-product. Given previous successful studies, including in end-user provided commercial materials for the production of non-bread products, the application of the Company’s acrylamide-preventing yeast products are expected to yield valuable, affirmative data. Functional Technologies’ acrylamide-preventing yeast platform will be evaluated in pre-pilot scale trials that simulate commercial conditions, which should also simultaneously enable preliminary development of production protocols. Results obtained from these studies are expected to facilitate meaningful discussions for the Company’s technologies and/or services to subsequently be employed by the collaboration partner.

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