BabyBulls Travel Dispatch: Scorpio Gold’s Mineral Ridge Gold Mine – Deep Rising in Southern Nevada (SAN DIEGO) – In the southern half of the prolific Walker Lane gold trend along the Nevada – California border roughly 225 miles northwest of Las Vegas lies the Mineral Ridge Gold Mine, current flagship project of Scorpio Gold Corp. (TSX-V: SGN; OTC: SRCRF). Under the competent stewardship of journeyman mine builder and Scorpio Chief Executive Officer, Peter Hawley – Mineral Ridge has experienced a dramatic metamorphosis over the past year from that of an all but abandoned, failed gold producer – nearly run into the ground by no less than three of the previous owners, to a state-of-the-art heap leach gold project on track to produce 25 to 30 thousand ounces of gold in calendar 2011, with target production for 2012 of between 60,000 and 80,000 ounces.

Many that have witnessed this quick turnaround have scratched their heads and wondered “just how could so much have been accomplished here in such a short time” to change the fortunes at Mineral Ridge. Well we were lucky enough to get asked along on the Company’s most recent Mineral Ridge site visit to learn just that, and get a first-hand look at current operations being conducted at the project.  This report is a compilation of our field notes from that trip and is also a follow-up to the recent Mineral Ridge Travel Dispatch published by Torrey Hills Capital in August 2011.

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