Ranting Andy: When Liberty Dies

Ho hum, another morning of the Cartel “allowing” gold to drift up with the stock market, “permitting” it to exhale while the financial world goes gaga about the Dow’s PPT-generated thousand point surge, which OBVIOUSLY signifies “all’s well.”  The high tick for gold this morning, while at the gym of course, was EXACTLY 2.0%, what a shock.  The bankers are arguing about Greek debt “haircuts” and the politicians about Obama’s DOA jobs bill, while “market commentators” are too busy interpreting WORTHLESS, PAINTED technical charts to see the forest through the trees. 

The very same “analysts” that vehemently expected gold to explode through $2,000 last month are now implying “the trade was too crowded”, and thus gold needed to fall.  Same old, same old – it’s all about selling subscriptions, not telling the truth, although I doubt many “newsletter writers” UNDERSTAND the truth, or perhaps just can’t HANDLE it.  I assure you, neither the SECOND silver hit $49.81/oz in April, or the SECOND gold hit $1,930/oz in August, was the trade even the SLIGHTEST BIT crowded. 

The fact that gold gets more attention on CNBC when it hits all-time highs doesn’t MEAN anything, and if there’s one thing I’m positive about, it’s that public ownership at $49.81 silver and $1,930 gold was essentially NO DIFFERENT than a year earlier, at $1,500 gold and $30 silver.  It’s ALL about the Cartel’s attempt to control the PAPER market relative to the insatiable, meteoric demand growth in the PHYSICAL market, which has been winning the war for the past eleven years, and WILL continue to do so for generations to come.

It all rings of madness, as the same bankers and politicians destroying the Western world act as if they can “fix it” simply by having fancy lunches to decide how much money to print, which of their cronies to bail out, and how to manipulate markets (with additional PRINTED MONEY) to convince the unwashed masses and media jackals that what they have done is “working.”  

The below quote, which I published in an earlier RANT, is just a month old, written by Jim Rickards following a conversation with a former Federal Reserve governor.  THIS is what the Fed, ECB, IMF, G-20, BOE, BOJ, and all other “official” financial institutions do at their fancy, taxpayer paid meetings in Cannes, Jackson Hole, and Washington.  They manipulate statistics, markets, the media, and the masses with blatantly illegal activities, supplemented by spin, misleading statements, and outright lies, just as bankers and politicians have ALWAYS done, and  ALWAYS will.

“I spoke to (Former Federal Reserve Governor) Randy Kroszner, former member of the Federal Open Market Committee, and he said to me, ‘When the Fed does these meetings, they spend about 10% of the time on policy and 90% on communication.’  Randy calls it communication or messaging, but I call it propaganda.

‘How are we going to lead expectations?  How are we going to manipulate people?  How are we going to get people to believe certain things that may not be true about the state of the economy or inflation?  It was supposed to be a one day meeting, and they extended it to two days.  Well, why would you do that, it doesn’t take two days to have a vote?  But it could take two days to agree on the words.’

Historians will be as befuddled in assessing how the Western world got to this point as they are at figuring how millions of Germans believed Hitler that the Jews were their enemies; but in the end, the answer is simple – mankind is as STUPID as it is EVIL.  Not on an individual basis, of course, but as a group, which is why humanity aimlessly bounces from self-made crisis to self-made crisis.

Unfortunately, this is no ordinary crisis, but more likely a KEY INFLECTION POINT IN HUMAN HISTORY.  The great expirement in deregulation, globalization, and hyperinflation is approaching its denouement, and NOTHING the bankers and politicians do – no matter how many lies, how many cooked books, how many dollars, Euros, and Pounds printed – will stop the financial tsunami from wiping out the system, with the only solution, of course, being a FULL REBOOT with a new one.  The process will be painful for billions, lethal for millions, and profitable for but a few.

As for the title of this RANT, it refers to the direction AMERICA is rapidly heading, a direction that can only be staved off by the POWER of gold and silver, the POWER of REAL MONEY to prevent the EVIL bankers and politicians from controlling every aspect of your lives.  Poets will write of the significance of the turn of the 21st Century, the symbolism of such historic events occurring at exactly the millennium date, like the chiming of a clock at midnight.  The peak of the economy (2000), the stock market (2000), and the dollar (2001); creation of the Euro (1999), repeal of the Glass-Steagall act (1999), and of course the seminal (false-flag) political event of our generation, 9/11 (2001).  Not to mention, the bottoming of the CRB Commodity Index, crude oil, gold, and silver in 1999.

The Western Age of enlightenment has passed, and with each passing day the criminality of its “leaders” soars to new levels, perpetrated in the name of a “safe, secure society”, to quote Senator Palpatine from Revenge of the Sith.  Each propagation of propaganda to play on your FEAR brings us closer to the edge, more willing to accept the loss of freedom, and to forego the inalienable American rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Until eventually, utilizing my Star Wars reference, this is what happens:


Two incredibly foreboding events occurred in the last 24 hours, inspiring this RANT and validating everything I have written about the inevitable COLLAPSE of American society and RISE of gold and silver.  I am deeply disturbed by both events, albeit not in the slightest bit surprised as they represent a continuation of the current path to destruction at the hands of our so-called “leaders.”

The first, of course, is the self-destructive currency bill overwhelming passed by the Senate, which is all but assured to be made law in the coming weeks.  Instead of taking steps to cure the cancer (INCURABLE, in my view), the U.S. government is planning its SCAPEGOAT STRATEGY, the sole goal of which is to make sure it MAINTAINS POWER as long as possible.  It matters not how many citizens go bankrupt, starving, or insane, as long as the current “group of 546” at the top of the U.S. political system maintain their right to RULE, and by proxy to SKIM as much money out of your pockets as possible.


This bill, yet another in a long-line of hostile acts against America’s largest benefactor, China, is a call to financial arms, in my view.  China has done nothing wrong in its pursuit of economic expansion, as it was the U.S. that gave them most favored nation status (1980), led creation of the pro-globalization World Trade Organization (1995), and was instrumental in the emergence of numerous other free trade agreements, such as NAFTA in 1994.  People laughed at me when I voted for Ross Perot in 1992, the “billionaire rogue” whom spoke of the “giant sucking sound” of jobs leaving America due to such legislation.

Contrary to popular propaganda, NEARLY ALL the jobs that left America for China did not occur due to Chinese solicitiation, but greedy American executives seeking to reduce costs.  Actually, scratch that last adjective, there is nothing inherently greedy about maximizing profits, which is what is SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN in a capitalist economic system.  The list of American companies that have shifted jobs to China is a duplicative list of the S&P 500, and not a one did so against its own will.

Moreover, while the U.S. has printed its currency into oblivion, and continues to do so at an accelerating pace, all the “evil” Chinese have done is continue to purchase the “stock of America”, the U.S. Treasury Bonds that continue to be printed at a HYPERINFLATIONARY PACE.  China now owns $1.2 TRILLION of WORTHLESS Treasury Bonds (worthless, via the DEFINITION of an I.O.U. from an insolvent entity), and without those unfailing purchases, America would have died long ago.


Would YOU buy “stock” in a company whose “share count” looked like this ?

But what does America do in return for China’s financial beneficence, not to mention the cheap goods it provides us? 

It PRODS its enemy, stoking the fires of trade war, HOPING China will flinch and create an incident, financial or otherwise, thus enabling Congress to take “forceful actions in the name of national security”, i.e. stealing your freedom and KILLING LIBERTY.  They KNOW the only way to maintain power is to do so via FEAR, just as the great tyrants of history, such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Castro, did.


But that’s just the FIRST of the two hideous U.S. government actions of the past 24 hours, the second being the far less savvy attack on America’s favorite whipping boy and next war adversary, Iran.  Yet again, the wasteful Department of Homeland Security felt the need to justify its multi-billion dollar existence by PRETENDING to have “foiled” another attack, not uncoincidentally against our top SCAPEGOAT, Iran, and even less uncoincidentally involving Saudi Arabia, as trust me, TPTB are more interested in a high oil price than the quality, or even existence, of your lives.

This blanket “terror warning”, as well as the collateral damage it will create (such as heightened animosity between Iran and Saudi Arabia), is just more posturing by the U.S. government as it prepares for the POLICE STATE that is likely to occur once the banking and currency systems break down.



And breakdown they will, as no matter what TPTB do to influence your PERCEPTION, such as inundating you with propaganda, fudging economic statistics, and goosing the stock market, simple MATHEMATICS ensure the system will collapse of its own weight, and do so much quicker than most anticipate.

Persistent UNEMPLOYMENT and BANKRUPTCY are the chinks in TPTB’s armor, and the only “solution” will be HYPERINFLATION.



Please use the historic buying opportunity provided this month by the Cartel to load up on GOLD, SILVER, and OTHER ITEMS OF REAL VALUE.  Time is indeed running out, and alarms will not sound when that time is UP. 



5 Responses to Ranting Andy: When Liberty Dies

  1. ben roberts says:

    Another fantastic to the point, pull no punches article. Thanks again for saying it like it is, with no bull apologies. Thank you !!!!

  2. charles says:

    “The Western Age of enlightenment has passed, and with each passing day the criminality of its “leaders” soars to new levels, perpetrated in the name of a “safe, secure society”.

    By now you’ve heard the latest load of crap – that a plot was uncovered involving elements of the Iranian government attempting to hire people associated with Mexican drug cartels to assassinate the Saudi ambassador here in the U.S.

    Atttorney General Eric Holder (who has been subpoenaed to testify in relation to his very real role in directing the ATF to run guns across the border to Mexican drug cartels in the operation named Fast & Furious) figures prominently in stopping the Iranians in this other purported endeavor to enlist the Mexican drug cartels to do carry out this hare brained supposed scheme.

    Confused a little? Well, that’s part of the idea of this nonsense: to take the heat off of Holder in the public mind by putting out disinformation.

    What’s nauseatingly instructive, however, is listening to all the lying politicians on television spewing feces through their mouths as they remark on the Iranian “plot” and the need to punish Iran, completely straightfaced the whole time.

    They really think we are stupid as rocks out here, and there is no limit to their criminality.

  3. Josh Green says:

    ANOTHER excellent article! ‘Ranting Andy’ – tells it like it is – without fail !!!!

    Now I understand why you are a regular contributor to the Miles Franklin Newsletter!

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