Ranting Andy: Criminals Everywhere!

Tis’ a gloomy, rainy Saturday, one of the few here in Colorado, and I take only two positives from it.  One, my plants are getting a healthy shower, and two, my anger is fomenting, creating a fire in my belly that will hopefully translate on paper. 

The post-Labor Day Precious Metals smash, in IDENTICAL, if not WORSE economic conditions than this summer, when gold and silver SOARED, has put me in a foul mood.

Not so much from a portfolio perspective, as the value of one’s brokerage account DOES NOT FALL when one’s primary asset is PHYSICAL gold and silver, and not from a TIMING perspective, as the longer the Cartel holds the PAPER price down, the more time I have to help people PROTECT THEMSELVES by buying the PHYSICAL gold and silver that will save them from the inevitable, upcoming HYPERINFLATION.  However, from the HUMAN standpoint, it puts into focus how much PAIN and SUFFERING a group of walking, breathing scum in Washington and on Wall Street are inflicting on the world, initially in the FINANCIAL MARKETS, and by causation the whole of their LIVES.

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