Ranting Andy: Too Many Topics for a Comprehensive Title

It’s OFFICIAL, MELTDOWN II is here, and it’s NOT going away this time.

No matter how much GLOBAL QE is offered…

No matter how “aligned” TPTB purport to be, with their G-20, ECB, Jackson Hole, Davos, and Wroclaw (Poland), and Cannes meetings…

No matter how many Dow Futures the PPT buys…

No matter how much paper gold the Cartel sells at 3:00 AM EST…. They will NOT be able to turn the ship around, or in this case raise the Titanic from the depths it is currently sinking through.

This time it’s for REAL, the END GAME occurring as we speak, potentially the most important INFLECTION POINT in history since World War II seven decades ago. In other words, you MUST prepare for a DRAMATIC reduction in your standard of living, going “back to basics” as you prioritize survival first, and comforts second. Most of the masses will be swept up by the financial tsunami, first by the deflation of their tangible assets, and next hyperinflation of their remaining savings.

It is written in stone, so fight the tide at your own peril.

As we commence the second Fall financial collapse in four years, which this time will not be “saved” by money-printing, I have numerous topics on my mind, but the one thing that stands out most is the foolish comment of a broker I spoke to roughly two weeks ago. This seemingly intelligent man is a 30+ year stock market veteran, although his track record is unlikely to be particularly distinguished. Despite purporting to know about gold, he still considers it “a trade”, and can’t understand why anyone would want to own it for any other reason. He also believed, as of the time of that discussion, that stocks were “cheap” and should be bought because they will figure how to save the system.

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