Ranting Andy: Summary of “Operation PM Annihilation”, and my Conclusion – Buy Gold and Silver Now!

Revisiting my September 13th RANT, “GOLD INVESTOR LIMBO”, we are once again in a situation where PM investors are licking their wounds, wondering if the vicious Gold Cartel will ever be decisively defeated in the ULTIMATE CURRENCY WAR.  In the past year, its footprints have grown dramatically larger, as they have required increasingly large “bazookas” to TEMPORARILY turn the gold and silver tides from PERMANENTLY washing over the investment world.

Aside from MAJOR Cartel operations such as D-DAY on November 9, 2010 and the SUNDAY NIGHT PAPER SILVER MASSACRE on May 1, 2011, we have seen countless MINOR attacks, in sum total achieving little but to embolden gold and silver investors further, and secondarily demonstrating that MANIPULATION SATURATION has indeed been reached.  Unfortunately, not only do “desperate times call for desperate measures”, but “MORE desperate times call for MORE desperate measures”, and in the case of this week’s “OPERATION PM ANNIHALATION”, clearly the largest, most fraudulent monetary bazooka EVER was utilized to TEMPORARILY quell the inexorable advance of the gold and silver armies.

In August, I postulated the onset of September would see the early stages of Euro Zone collapse, as well as accelerating fears the U.S. had passed the point of no return regarding its ability to staunch its descent from recession to depression, as well as the Fed, Treasury, and government in general’s ability to “save the day” with additional monetary and fiscal stimulus.

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