Ranting Andy: The Fed is Officially Painted into the Corner, and the ECB is Down to its Last Floor Tile

RANTING ANDY – Last month, GLOBAL MELTDOWN II officially commenced, permanently debunking the myth of “summer doldrums.”  The Dow had one of its worst August’s EVER (despite massive PPT support), while gold surged $300 and the world was thrown into economic turmoil.

The news is measurably worse in September, with global stock markets collapsing while the Dow has been held steady by the PPT, as usual outperforming essentially all stock markets despite having the worst fundamentals. 


Meanwhile, the new DEATH STAR tactic was introduced to attack gold repeatedly, but unfortunately for the Cartel gold remained flat in the $1,800s, and on SEVERAL OCCASIONS fell to Sinclair’s magic $1,764 “line in the sand”, in each case rocketing right back up.

The stellar September performances of gold and silver, coupled with the strongest HUI push I’ve seen in YEARS, validates my premise that MANIPULATION SATURATION was reached July.  Physical demand is OVERWHELMING the Cartel’s most intense effort yet to subdue Precious Metals, reinforcing my belief that $2,000 gold is just weeks away, and with it significant, and permanent, deterioration of the Cartel’s power.

The powerfully bullish performances of gold and silver speak to my “gut”, but gut can only take you so far in the investment business (although remember, gold and silver are MONEY, NOT INVESTMENTS).  However, when such action coincides with EVIDENCE such as that presented in the below links, it is hard to imagine a scenario where gold and silver prices DO NOT soar in the coming months.



Not to mention THIS incredible piece of news, that the MASSIVE Hong Kong gold storage facility opened just LAST YEAR is FULL, and thus will need to be expanded.


Conversely, the outlook for paper money couldn’t be worse, with the stench of NEAR-TERM, MASSIVE BANK BAILOUTS in the air.  It’s incredibly sad that the U.S.’s LARGEST BANK, Bank of America, which has an estimated NEGATIVE EQUITY of more than $100 billion (and, by the way, is BELOW the stock price on the day Buffett made his fake investment), is a mere sideshow these days compared to what is going on in Europe.

Yesterday, the Slovenian government collapsed, another Euro Zone member that will need to be bailed out or cast into a hyperinflationary abyss (it’s going there either way).


Moreover, a genuine BANK RUN has commenced from the LARGEST EUROPEAN BANKS, particularly from France where the nation’s largest banks; Paribas, Credit Agricole, and Societe Generale, have more than $100 billion of Greek debt exposure.




This morning’s FAILED gold attack was a last ditch effort to hold it under $1,800 before QE3 commences (no matter what they call it), and you’ll notice that YET AGAIN yesterday the DEATH STAR attack was STOPPED COLD just above Sinclair’s $1,764 Maginot Line, additional proof the PARABOLIC STAGE is on the cusp of commencement, perhaps in October following the combination of U.S. QE3 and ratification of the European EFSF fund. 

Of course, if EITHER ONE is NOT approved, we will see an instant 1929-like stock market crash, resulting in vicious bank runs, collapsing currencies, and soaring gold.

Hence, the Fed (and ECB) are PAINTED INTO A CORNER.

Readers, I am 84% complete reading Atlas Shrugged, the most amazing and apropos book I have ever read.  As its fictional USA rapidly approaches its end, I see a perfect parallel with where the real USA is today.  Every new government initiative has made things worse, permanently severing yet another limb, until no limbs are left to walk. 

The U.S. financial system is more than 84% complete, with only the “reserve currency status” of the dollar keeping that number from being much higher.  Unfortunately for Europe, however, the Euro is NOT a reserve currency, and thus I’d estimate their financial system is closer to 95%+ complete.

The world as we have known it will change dramatically this Fall, and I fear 12 months from now it will be unrecognizable. 

The time to PROTECT YOURSELF is thus waning rapidly, so please take advantage of this advanced knowledge to ensure your friends and family SURVIVE and THRIVE.

And one piece of advice about today – DO NOT let the HEAVILY CARTEL/PPT/ESF MANIPULATED market movements influence your decisions.  There will be a FULL-OUT assault on Precious Metals and MASSIVE support of stocks, bonds, and the dollar both BEFORE and AFTER the Fed statement at 2:15 PM EST, to make sure the puppet media gives QE3 its stamp of approval.


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