Ranting Andy: The Agony of Defeat – For the Gold Cartel

RANTING ANDY – I hope everyone’s getting the picture that we reached “MANIPULATION SATURATION” this summer, per my July 27th RANT (https://babybulltwits.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/ranting-andy-checkmate-i-e-manipulation-saturation/). 

In other words, NO MATTER WHAT the Cartel attempts, NO MATTER WHAT new weapons they throw at the market (such as yesterday’s “Death Star”), GOLD and SILVER will continue to relentlessly climb, month in an month out. 

Charts are immaterial, “events” are immaterial (no need to “wait for the Obama speech” or “the unemployment report” or “the G7 meeting”), EVERYTHING IS IMMATERIAL when compared to the EXPLODING WORLDWIDE DEMAND for PRECIOUS METALS.

Each day brings more reasons to buy gold and silver, and more reasons to sell other asset classes.  Even PM mining stocks, the most vilified, manipulated equity sector of all time, are starting to show a bid as the WORLD gravitates away from PAPER assets and into all things PRECIOUS (as well as other ITEMS OF REAL VALUE such as FOOD, ENERGY, and OTHER LIFE NECESSITIES).

The Washington/Wall Street/London “Axis of Evil” has had the same M.O. since the global financial crisis commenced in 2008 – PRINT money (both OVERTLY and COVERTLY), ALTER accounting rules to increase Wall Street bonus pools, COLLUDE with other investment and Central banks, BRIBE the media with CASH and PERKS, and LIE, LIE, LIE about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to the GLOBAL public.  Throw in increasingly heavy doses of stock and bond market support and gold and silver suppression, and voila – the status quo, as weak as it is, was maintained.

But that sinister arrangement is no longer working, as the MONEY PRINTING (not just from the Fed but ALL GLOBAL CENTRAL BANKS) is NO LONGER WORKING.  Global economic activity – INCLUDING MUCH OF THE FAR EAST – is dramatically declining, and even the compromised analysts of Wall Street are recognizing that MORE DEBT EQUALS LESS GROWTH, not the opposite. 

Each new stimulus program (such as what Obama will introduce tonight, and the Fed on September 21st) makes things WORSE, and the world is starting to know this.

Each new stimulus program yields increased demand for GOLD and SILVER, and decreased demand for PAPER assets.  Particularly, Central Banks stuck holding trillions of DOLLARS, EUROS, YEN, and NOW SWISS FRANCS are DESPERATE to trade them for items of REAL VALUE, and will NEVER STOP acquiring gold and silver.

Each new stimulus program pushes global sovereigns closer to the Rubicon, which for many nations has already been crossed, and many others (Italy, Spain, France, the UK, and the U.S.) will be within the next 6-12 months.

Each new stimulus program increases the ultimate size of the BIG BANG CRASH that the global economy will experience.

In other words, there is NO WAY, NO HOW that GOLD and SILVER can materially decline in this environment, aside from quick attacks like we saw on August 23-25 and September6-7 (notice how tightly spaced they need to be now?).

Readers, the VICIOUS, BLATANT, ILLEGAL ATTACKS on gold and silver, such as what we witnessed the past two days, are a signal that THE CARTEL, NOT YOU, are being DEFEATED.   And the more GOLD and SILVER you acquire, the more you will push the CARTEL ITSELF toward its ultimate demise, which I do not believe will be ANY LATER THAN MID-2012.

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