Caesars Report Features Goldgroup Mining

Caesars Report is an independent research company which specializes in junior mining companies.  In a report dated September 8, 2011, Caesars Report features Goldgroup Mining (OTC Other: GGAZF; TSX: GGA) and provides an in depth look at the Company’s Caballo Blanco, San Jose de Gracia, Cerro Colorado, and other projects in Mexico.

And while Caesars Report does not include a target price as part of its analysis, below is an excerpt from the report’s conclusion, which is all positive. 

“We are extremely impressed with the Caballo Blanco and San Jose projects, as both are potential near-term production assets, with extraordinary profitability.  If the management keeps its promises, and effectively produces 200k oz per year at an average cash cost of $500/oz, we are now trading at only 1 times the 2014 cash flow, based on $1,500/oz gold price.  Add the fact that Goldgroup should be able to avoid any dilutive financing deals, we are confident Goldgroup Mining is poised for an extremely bright future.”

 Full Report


2 Responses to Caesars Report Features Goldgroup Mining

  1. nalysale says:

    That’s good since Caesars is moving toward the gold group mining that means one more company is is moving forward for gold mining otherwise condor mines is already in mines extraction

  2. maria jose says:

    Good one Caesars is an independent research company for gold group mining.So it has best dealing with gold group mining.I really like his post.

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