Constantine Defines 6.5 Kilometer Gold and Arsenic Soil Anomaly

Constantine Metal Resources (OTC Other: CNSNF; TSX-V: CEM) is exploring for Carlin-type gold deposits in Yukon’s Selwyn Basin, and in a 50/50 JV with Carlin Gold, controls 4,967 claims in twelve gold property areas totaling approximately 1,000 square kilometers.  Approximately 12,000 soil, silt and rock samples have been collected to date as part of a $1.2 million exploration program.

At the TUT property, laboratory data has confirmed and expanded a gold and arsenic soil anomaly, which spans 6.5 kilometers in length and ranges from 300 to 1200 meters in width.  Individual soil samples within this area are as high as 2.81 g/t gold and 5.87% arsenic.  On-site XRF analysis of detailed infill grid samples has defined a greater than 1000 ppm arsenic core to the anomaly that is 1.5 kilometers in length and 500 meters in width.  Gold assays for over 1600 infill soil grid and rock chip samples are pending.  Seven mineralized grab samples from initial prospecting within the 1000 ppm arsenic core anomaly area range from 2.01 g/t gold to greater than 10 g/t gold, with an average grade of 5.21 g/t gold (overlimit assay is pending for sample exceeding upper analytical limit of 10 g/t)*. The core of the soil anomaly correlates with a zone of altered and heavily fractured rhyolite dikes that are commonly associated with quartz-arsenopyrite veining.  Dikes within the zone average 35 to 50 meters in width and are located near the outer edge of a contact metamorphic aureole, approximately one kilometer outboard of a Cretaceous-age quartz monzonite stock.

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