Ranting Andy: You Can’t Buy Groceries with Gold

RANTING ANDY – Who is John Galt?

Pardon my ongoing references to Atlas Shrugged, which as you know I am in the process of reading (64% completed, per my Kindle!).  I have been deeply moved by reading it, in the same way I’m touched each time I watch V for Vendetta.  Through the dark days of late 2008 and early 2009, that movie, as well as mentors such as Jim Sinclair, Bill Murphy, and others, empowered me to keep fighting TPTB through seemingly hopeless days of rabid market manipulation (read: gold and silver suppression).

This fight was initially for personal wealth preservation, but is now for as many people as I can bring along with me, particularly friends, family, and RANT readers.  And that fight is being won, one day at a time, soon to be accelerating sharply as the END GAME for the GLOBAL FIAT CURRENCY SYSTEM commences this fall.

But why start this RANT with that ambiguous question? 

Why, because it represents the hopelessness, and helplessness, of the current age of human thought.  In the repressive, nearly communist mid-20th Century America of Atlas Shrugged, asking about the identity of John Galt was akin to asking the rhetorical “Why Me?”, or any other uninspired platitude.  To the few free thinkers of society, it represented the weak-minded prattle of the masses, some of whom were too limited to think critically, but most of whom had given up trying.

I am in no way trying to be patronizing or condescending, and frankly anyone reading this missive has already taken a giant step in the direction of open-mindedness, perhaps due to necessity (amidst a COLLAPSING economy and weakening financial prospects), or perhaps to finally accept some decidedly NON-MAINSTREAM thought.  True, my forecasts have been correct for the past decade, but as we all know Cassandra was not only given the power of prophecy, but also the curse that no one would believe her.

In the past week, I have focused my RANTS on the first sparks of INTEREST in gold from the PUBLIC at large, in other words people who, until now, have either disdained or ignored it, either willfully or otherwise (i.e. “ignorance is bliss”).  I have had many discussions with financial professionals about the topic, which led me to consolidate my thoughts about gold purchase in last Thursday’s RANT, “The Outing of GLD and SLV, and the ‘Inning’ of Alternative Forms of Gold and Silver Investment”.  No doubt these conversations have guided some people toward a more focused look at what constitutes REAL MONEY, as opposed to FIAT CURRENCY, and hopefully some new investments were made in the past week in goldmoney.com, CEF/GTU/SVRZF/PHYS/PSLV, PHYSICAL gold and silver coins, or, heaven forbid, Precious Metal mining stocks!

But I’d be remiss if I suggested these conversations focused solely on the positives of gold and silver, as to this day I am still fought tooth and nail in the majority of my pleas to potential first-time gold and silver buyers.  Hence the “Who is John Galt?” question, which in modern day America equates to the nonsensical phrase “you can’t buy groceries with gold.”

I’m not sure what it is about this statement, which appears as ingrained in the post-1971 American DNA as the equally ridiculous “gold is a barbarous relic” (thank you John Keynes, for sealing your place in the Stupidity Hall of Fame).  I have heard the grocery comment numerous times in the past year, nearly always from people with little, if any, interest in, or knowledge of, the role of Precious Metals in global monetary history, let alone here in America.  In other words, “gold is a barbarous relic” and “you can’t buy groceries with gold” appear to be two of the most effective propaganda tools to ever be prosthelytized on Americans, right up there with “weapons of mass destruction” and other blatant lies bestowed upon the masses to control consensus perceptions, thus allowing the ruling elites to continue their rape and pillage of the middle class.

Just hearing the statement “gold can’t buy groceries” makes me angry; however, my role is not to criticize but convert as many people as possible from the Dark Side of the Force.  The more people that realize gold CAN buy groceries, the more they will realize that gold (and silver) are MONEY, not investments, and the more people will be SAVED from the hyperinflation that is coming to America NOW.

Of course you can’t take gold and silver coins into a grocery store TODAY to buy groceries, although I suspect there are quite a few shopkeepers across America who would be THRILLED to be recompensed in such kind.  However, gold and silver are, quite simply, THE MOST LIQUID ASSETS ON EARTH, far more than even the almighty U.S. dollar.  Coin shops and other sales outlets are available in every city in America, as well as essentially every city the world round.  Additionally, many brokerage firms will accept Precious Metals as deposits (although I’d advise against it), as will numerous accredited depositories, and, of course, the aforementioned goldmoney.com, in which gold and silver are not only held in allocated offshore accounts, but can be denominated in multiple currencies for the purpose of wiring payments, EVEN TO GROCERY STORES.  Furthermore, since when is an asset’s VALUE determined by how many eggs it can buy at a grocery store (not via barter, which could very well be required in a hyperinflationary America sometime soon)? 

The last I looked, the most important aspect of an ASSET is whether it is APPRECIATING or DEPRECIATING in VALUE, or have people asking the groceries question forgotten?  And per my vision, which thankfully is still 20/20, I see that gold has risen from $250/oz in 2000 to roughly $1,850/oz today, a gain of 640%, while silver has risen even more strongly, by a whopping 720%!

In fact, let’s see how gold has fared since it bottomed in 2000, compared to some of the world’s other favorite assets:




% Change












Crude Oil/bbl





CCI Commodity Index





Dow Jones Industrial Average*





Case-Shiller Real Estate Index





U.S. Dollar Index





*Current Dow price overstated due to deletions of bankrupt companies since 2000, such as AIG, Citigroup, and General Motors

For those of you that haven’t been watching gold’s course over the past decade, do not let your judgment get blurred by the fact that you haven’t participated in the #1 and #2 bull markets.  The fact is, they are only in the second or third inning of an extra inning game, which frankly may NEVER become a bubble because the END GAME is not going to be a spike and crash (as in January 1980), but a complete revaluation of the global monetary system utilizing GOLD and SILVER as the ANCHORS, not the soon-to-be vanished from history U.S. dollar (at least in its current unbacked form).

Gold and silver can now buy dramatically more groceries than a decade ago, while the vaunted Dow hasn’t even kept up with inflation, even less so when you realize it’s survivor bias, i.e. three bankrupt companies – GM, Citigroup, and AIG, were deleted in 2009 and replaced by other, more healthy companies. 

Moreover, the asset that actually IS used to buy groceries, the U.S. DOLLAR, not only has declined by 720% against silver and 640% against gold (DESPITE gold and silver being suppressed illegally for this entire period), but it also declined sharply against essentially ALL COMMODITIES, INCLUDING….drumroll please…..GROCERIES! 

I’ll conclude by saying that if you don’t realize QUICKLY that only gold and silver define MONEY, NOT U.S. dollars, you are likely to lose the great majority of your purchasing power (i.e. your net worth), and don’t be surprised if sometime soon I’m writing an article titled “YOU CAN’T BUY GROCERIES WITH DOLLARS”!


6 Responses to Ranting Andy: You Can’t Buy Groceries with Gold

  1. George Silver says:

    That list says it all.

    If that list was published in one of the main media news rags it would certainly catch people’s attention.

    Unfortunately you will never see that list in any main “controlled” newspaper.

  2. THANK YOU! RANTING ANDY! for helping me keep my sanity, when faces with a constant barrage of propaganda, coming out of Wall St., and helping me realize, that I am NOT crazy for using SILVER as my vehicle of choice for protecting my purchasing power, and ‘savings’…

  3. Ranting Andy says:

    Your very welcome, BD!


  4. Mason Palmer says:

    please publish this anonymous submission:

    Obama’s ‘Right’ to Re-Nomination Challenged

    If Bush/Cheney took power by manipulating our fears, Barak Obama did so by manipulating our hopes.

    Labor Day’s here but the jobs aren’t. As usual Obama’s response is a speech. But the explanation he owes us is why he should be re-nominated for President by the Democratic Party.

    His term has brought plenty to Wall Street and poverty to working Amercians. Broken campaign promises litter the Rose Garden. His own nominees withdraw undefended. His refusal to lead the Party led to crushing losses in 2010.

    Why has no one been willing to challenge President Obama in 2012 until now, when a country doctor dares defy the taboos of the Democratic Party– in favor of its principles?

    Please click on the following link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-K1JKV5YadY.

    Then contact us at mason4president@yahoo.com

    Thank you.

  5. Sherman Kennedy says:

    Andy: Love your articles.
    If you are reading Atlas Schrugged, you must realize that Ayn Rand was writing about Barak Obama and his plans to destroy the US 55 years ago. I first read Atlas Schrugged in 1957, while in college; just found a copy of the book and am re-reading it now.

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