Ranting Andy: One of the Best, and Most Important, Videos You Will Ever Watch!

RANTING ANDY – In yesterday’s RANT, “THE COMING FALL TO REMEMBER”, I stated that although the END GAME has already commenced, the PANIC stage has not, and that THIS FALL it will.

In hindsight, I look at the title of that RANT, and think perhaps it wasn’t URGENT enough.  In no way, shape, or form do I want to convey ANYTHING positive about what’s coming, even for those fully invested in Precious Metals.  What is coming to America, and likely the ENTIRE WORLD, will be REMEMBERED as one of the most difficult chapters of human history, a statement NOT to be taken lightly.

Humanity has brought upon itself countless, myriad horrors over the centuries.  However, no singular event will effect more people negatively than the collapse of the global, fiat-based currency system, which will inevitably occur, perhaps commencing as soon as THIS FALL.  The U.S. has the most to lose in terms of global purchasing power and standard of living, but ALL nations will share in the miseries related to collapsing currencies, particularly the “global reserve currency”, i.e. the U.S. dollar.

Hopefully, this RANT imparts the URGENCY of what I believe is coming in the VERY near-term, particularly after Labor Day when the focus of the Western world turns FULL-BORE to the simultaneous economic catastrophes in the U.S. and Europe, not to mention when the peak Precious Metals buying season commences.

And if it doesn’t, perhaps this FANTASTIC 13-minute U-Tube video will.




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