Ranting Andy: Warren Buffet Again, Traitor to America!

RANTING ANDY – Wow, there truly are no limits to how low this monster will stoop. 

Who could’ve foreseen Warren Buffett, once known as much for his good nature as his investment prowess (aided, of course, by investing during the greatest bull market in U.S. history), would turn out to be among the most evil people in America?

Some might say the government has a gun to his head, in the same way they likely did when his former AIG dealings allegedly cost him his physical silver, but I think not.  I believe this man simply realized the easiest way to FREE MONEY is to be a paid cheerleader and (covertly backed) “investor of last resort” for the U.S. government. 

I have written about this topic extensively, particularly in my April 4th RANT, “Warren Buffett is S—M, and I Cannot Let This Opportunity Pass Me By”, and will not let up one iota after this latest, contrived revelation that he miraculously invested in $5 billion in Bank of America (once again, in an embarrassingly sweetheart deal), just as it was about to go bankrupt.


Here’s the man who, in 2003, termed derivatives “Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction”…  


…and in 2007 reiterated this stance…


…amazingly stepping in during the height of the 2008 financial crisis to buy big stakes in both Goldman Sachs AND General Electric, perhaps the two most derivatives-leveraged firms in the world at the time, at least on a pound for pound basis…



…which were followed in both cases by IMMEDIATE secondary offerings (likely heavily subscribed to by government offshore accounts, by the way)…



…and, by the way, notice that he even admits to investing in Goldman Sachs with essentially ZERO due diligence (of course, I’d deem a covert, explicit government guarantee as due diligence any day)…


…and now, of course, his miraculous decision to invest that same magic number, $5 billion, in the dying Bank of America, once again in just a day’s time as he just admitted that he contacted B of A for the first time YESTERDAY, and closed the deal within the same day!


During his one-day due diligence of Bank of America, I wonder if he read this analysis about its balance sheet…


…nah, no need, when the U.S. GOVERNMENT is your backer!

And no, this article is not sour grapes on my part, as I covered my BAC short yesterday (after holding it for a whopping two days) at breakeven.  In fact, I only brought that trade up, a measly 600 shares, to represent the fact that it was my first non-Precious Metals investment since May 2000, more than eleven years ago.  The two reasons I have avoided the broad stock and bond markets have been 1) the superior returns offered by Precious Metals and 2) the explosive acceleration of market manipulation in ALL financial markets over this period. 

Given where the world is today, and where it is heading, I don’t believe the TBTF banks will survive through the upcoming MELTDOWN II, and as Bank of America is clearly the weakest link right now, has virtually no chance of building stockholders’ equity any time soon, if ever.  I believe BAC will be bankrupt in short order, however the “Buffett investment” might buy it a few more months, until the system is so wrecked that the market is forced to realize this “investment” is a government-sponsored sham, not to mention FAR SHORT of the required funds to save this Titanic ship.

But as you can see, taking either long OR short positions in the broad U.S. stock or bond markets can be dangerous to your health due to all the overt AND covert manipulative forces out there, starting with the HFT algorithms all the way up to the Buffett investment scams. 

That is why Precious Metals is the ONLY way to protect your wealth over the long-term, first in foremost in the metals themselves and secondarily with carefully vetted out investments in quality gold and silver mining companies!

Fasten your seat belts, if you thought that AUGUST was crazy, just wait until the “Summer Doldrums” end after Labor Day!



One Response to Ranting Andy: Warren Buffet Again, Traitor to America!

  1. Ed Hunter says:

    I call him the Oligarch of Omaha now.

    How sure am I that this sleight of hand is going to turn BAC around?

    I just bought a bunch of BAC 12/17/14 $4 Puts, that’s how sure. Wanted to get them while the short-lived bump brought the price down. The 14 strike dropped 30% from yesterday, so I pounced.

    I’m really looking forward to taking Buffet’s money.

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