Ranting Andy: Control

RANTING ANDY – I’d say I’m basking in the glow of last week’s Precious Metals surge, particularly the “beginning of the end” of JP Morgan’s silver short selling shenanigans, which I believe Friday’s action represented.  But I’m not, and in fact find the whole experience to be a bit anti-climactic, if truth be told.

Why, you say?

As long as I have waited for the end of the Cartel (and believe me, this truly is the “beginning of the end” of gold and silver price suppression), the light at the end of the tunnel is precisely what I have NOT been waiting for – mass unemployment, foreclosures, and, last but not least the inevitable hyperinflation that will engulf the Western World (NOT just America) shortly.

While Congress enjoys a MONTH of immensely undeserved vacation, and Obama spends MILLIONS of freshly-printed dollars on his 11-day jaunt in Martha’s Vineyard (see below, and remember I have no political party bias), the U.S. economy is completely and utterly collapsing, at a pace so alarming that even the likely TENS OF BILLIONS spent by the PPT each day to support the stock market aren’t working anymore.


And don’t forget the national debt clock, which relentlessly ticks toward another catastrophic political “debate” in September.  Remember, the current debt ceiling of $14.692 trillion cannot be raised until certain, undisclosed “measures” are taken by the vacationing Congress, but the national debt has already reached $14.631 trillion, just $61 billion from yet another breach!  I know a whopping six weeks have passed, but does anyone remember the title of my July 9th RANT, “Debt Ceiling Debacle, the Death Blow to America?”


The ramifications of 40 years of GLOBAL STUPIDITY are finally coming home to roost, with early sparks of the final, grand economic conflagration, the denouement of the fiat currency catastrophe, rapidly expanding throughout the world.  Sovereign nations are serially collapsing, particularly the most flagrant abusers of the fiat currency system, starting with Iceland (didn’t mom tell you not to play with derivatives?), Greece (yes, we know you’re “fun”, but you’re also historically the most fiscally irresponsible people on Earth), Ireland (alas, the centuries of misery continue), Portugal (to round out the “small fry”), and now the second tier countries, who apparently are just as stupid as the rest, in Spain, France, and Italy. 

Of course, don’t forget the entire MENA region, where nations such as Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and Bahrain were dumb enough to allow ONE MAN rule their pathetic “kingdoms” for decades, long enough to essentially steal everything that wasn’t nailed down.  And NO, just because they have been out of the news for awhile doesn’t mean anything has been “resolved”, or, for that matter, is even slightly “better.”

And of course I’d be remiss if I neglected to mention the myriad global MUNICIPALITIES on the verge of bankruptcy, particularly in America where the “reserve currency privilege” was abused from the Federal government all the way down to the smallest counties of the smallest states.  California, New Jersey, Illinois, Florida, Arizona, Nevada (despite all its gold mines), New York – you name it, they are ALL going bankrupt, both at the State level and everything below, including my beloved hometown of Nassau County, Long Island, one of the richest counties in America (I wasn’t, by the way), and also one of the most BROKE.


And now the big boys have moved into the crosshairs, and when they are finally sniped for good (which I anticipate in the coming months), any semblance of CONTROL of the collapsing global economic situation will be lost. 

I have long laughed at the pathetic “British Empire”, which for some reason continues to be considered some type of global “leader’ economically and militarily.  From where I stand, the only remaining influence Britain relates to the outstanding, worthless DERIVATIVES created by their CRIMINAL bankers, who themselves inhabit some of the most INSOLVENT institutions on Earth.  British money-printing is as legendarily irresponsible as its decision to dishoard half its gold reserves at the market bottom ten years ago (by a man who was eventually elected PRIME MINISTER!), but when you print too much money but DO NOT possess the global reserve currency (sorry Brits, it’s the DOLLAR, not the POUND), you create some of the highest inflation rates on the planet, which is exactly why you have seen mass rioting in the supposed capital of global civility, London.

As for Japan, yes they are still smart, diligent people, global leaders in the world of technological advancement.  Unfortunately, they are also the global leaders in Quantitative Easing, having invented the concept after its stock and real estate markets crashed in 1989.  The mismanagement of Japan’s finances is as legendary as its citizens’ work ethic and technical accomplishments, and unfortunately will be what is remembered most by the annals in history.  If Japan were Greece, no doubt the earthquake/tsunami earlier this year, as well as the radiation fallout that will cripple this once proud nation for decades, would be viewed as a punishment from Zeus for the hubris committed by the nation’s sorry political and financial leaders.

And finally the big Kahuna of them all, the United States. 

America is a nation of people brainwashed to believe they are “superior”, when in fact its strength was gained largely by luck.  In the big picture, America’s greatest asset was the two oceans that isolated it while the rest of the world foolishly destroyed itself via two World Wars.  Moreover, when the U.S. was subsequently handed the reins of global leadership (soon to be relinquished to China), it acted responsibly for perhaps two decades before commencing its own road to ruin with its first foray into unlimited deficit spending with the global reserve currency.  Johnson’s “Guns and Butter” campaign in the late 1960s, and subsequently Nixon’s abandoning of the gold standard in 1971, commenced the relentless rise in U.S. debt that has gutted the nation in a matter of 40 years. 

And oh yeah, just as there were no WMD’s in Iraq, the “Tonkin Gulf Incident” was proven in hindsight to have been a complete and utter sham, concocted by U.S. political leaders to get us into yet another bloody, meaningless war that benefitted NO ONE except bankers, politicians, and defense contractors.


Isn’t it ironic how America, which claims to be the beacon of world peace, has been involved in more wars per years of existence than essentially any country in HISTORY?


Readers, what we are living through today, on a GLOBAL basis, is UNPRECEDENTED in human history.  Never has one nation unanimously been given the right to “lead the world”, its “scepter of power” the ability to PRINT all the fiat currency it wants, for 40 years eagerly consumed by the world’s unsuspecting population.  In fact, as time passed, the governments of the rest of the world figured out ways to use this power for THEIR OWN personal gain, and by personal gain I literally mean the benefit of a handful of “elites” (politicians and bankers) at the expense, via exploding debts, deficits, and inflation, of BILLIONS of people worldwide.

This “invincible” power lasted for a brief few decades, enabling a generation of global inhabitants to believe, in an unwavering manner, in the political, economic, and military CONTROL exerted by America and its lackeys in Britain, France, and the rest of the “G-7.”  But alas, those decades have ended, and twilight is descending on this illusion. 

I often cite HISTORY in my RANTS, as only HISTORY chronicles and categorizes human accomplishments.  These accomplishments can then be analyzed to judge man’s tendencies, and subsequently to forecast likely OUTCOMES.  From this perspective, the outlook for the Western World is as bleak as any time in history, as HISTORICALLY man’s descent into terminal financial conditions has inevitably led to war, chaos, and the emergence of totalitarian dictators.  Given that the current economic crisis is BY FAR the largest in history, with BY FAR the largest number of innocent bystanders involved, there is little doubt in my mind that HISTORY’s lessons will be taught once again.  And oh yes, it is essentially GUARANTEED that the powers that be WILL COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY LOSE CONTROL of the financial markets.

The moral hazard created by a decade of MARKET MANIPULATION (stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and Precious Metals), coupled with the global scheme to print unlimited fiat currencies while masking the results with fraudulent data and, of course, derivatives, was of such monumental scale that literally billions of people radically changed their philosophies of life, nearly all to their personal detriment.  That moral hazard, created with seemingly innocuous-sounding programs such as the “Strong Dollar Policy”, “Yen Carry Trade”, “Greenspan Put”, and “Quantitative Easing”, has built up the most epic bubble of all time, comprising all the stupidity of the Internet, Real Estate, Consumer Credit, U.S. Dollar, OTC Derivative, and Treasury Bond bubbles combined, a bubble on the verge of POPPING in a far-reaching event with ramifications for decades to come.  Under such a scenario, as in my recent RANT “UNPRECEDENTED”, the status quo is certain to change dramatically, to the point that future generations will have difficulty envisioning what the U.S. DOLLAR-DENOMINATED world looked like in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

The key point I am making is that CONTROL of the financial markets will likely be a very low priority compared to the need to CONTROL the billions of people who will be disenfranchised by the global fiat currency collapse which will shortly occur due to the POPPING of the aforementioned mega-bubble, which I believe is best named the bubble of STUPIDITY. 

Thus, for those that believe the stock market will rise due to global quantitative easing, you will be likely be sorely disappointed (and even if it does NOMINALLY, I assure you it will decline dramatically in REAL terms).  And the same goes for sovereign treasury bonds, which are already COLLAPSING in most nations, with the rest (particularly the U.S.) certain to fall victim to the same inflationary fate in the coming months and years. 

As for currencies, who cares?  ALL global currencies are WORTHLESS due to their lack of REAL backing (including the Chinese Yuan), so it matters not if the “dollar index” explodes to 200 or plummets to ZERO (I’ll bet on the latter, however).

As for gold and silver, the fact that people worry about potential Cartel price suppression in the upcoming economic apocalypse is laughable.  Not only will the carcasses of “all powerful, too big too fail” banks such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs be left to the vultures (politicians and lawyers) to feast on, but their executives will be lucky to survive the cumulative anger of the masses of citizens whose lives were destroyed by the bank-created internet, real estate, and credit bubbles, finished off, of course, by hyperinflation. 

And to Jim Rickards, whom I respect immensely for his illustrious career and valuable insights into global geopolitics, you will be COMPLETELY and UTTERLY wrong in your prediction that the U.S. and other major world governments will be able to peg the price of gold to an arbitrary value.  For one, the American gold is GONE, as is likely much of the rest of the supposed Western Central Bank reserves, and secondly the century-long era of Central Bank rule, perhaps the largest of all financial bubbles, is coming to an end. 

Gold and silver have been MONEY (NOT investments) for 6,000 years, regaining that mantle of leadership each and every time nations have attempted to forsake it in lieu of fiat currencies.  And given that we are closing in on the greatest fiat currency collapse in global history, you can bet THE MARKETS will again resume supremacy over government-attempted CONTROL, pushing the value of gold and silver back onto their respective thrones as the ONCE AND FUTURES KINGS.

Readers, for the second week in a row, I ended a RANT exactly where I had initially planned.  However, also for the second week in a row, I came across a piece of unrelated information that had to be addressed separately, as it moved me so profoundly. 

And that is the wonderful piece of research published below this RANT by the National Inflation Association (www.inflation.us), which again I cannot complement enough for its AMAZING work in uncovering corruption and warning Americans about the upcoming hyperinflation that will, once and for all, destroy the nation as we have known it.

As most of you are well aware (particularly due to Jon Stewart’s brilliant depiction of the media blackout of Ron Paul – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EY5Ofcxjs0), news coverage of the laughable “2012 Presidential Campaign” is, being put kindly, abysmal.  But nothing I have seen or read thus far, amidst all the misinformation and candidate-bashing, compares to the lack of fair coverage given to the Ames (Iowa) Straw Poll, barely won last week by Michelle Bachman (the “poor man’s Sarah Palin) over Ron Paul, and subsequently the hype behind this Rick Perry character from Texas (the “poor man’s George Bush).

After you get through the wonderful inflation commentary at the top of the article, carefully read their analysis (highlighted in yellow) of the Straw Poll, Ron Paul, and Rick Perry, and be sure to watch the two short videos, the first of the line of supposed “Michelle Bachman supporters” (you’ll understand shortly why I have quotes around the phrase), and the second of a Mafioso-looking guy from Bank of America essentially making Rick Perry an “offer he can’t (and likely won’t) refuse.”

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the 2011 version of the United States of America, perhaps the last with any semblance of CONTROL.

Facts and Truth About U.S. Inflation, Debt, and Political Crisis

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) yesterday released their consumer price index (CPI) data for the month of July. The BLS reported an increase in year-over-year CPI growth to 3.63%, the highest rate of U.S. price inflation since October of 2008. July’s official government reported year-over-year U.S. price inflation rate of 3.63% was up from 3.56% in June, 3.57% in May, 3.16% in April, 2.68% in March, 2.11% in February, 1.63% in January, 1.5% in December, and 1.1% in November.

The official rate of U.S. price inflation has increased by 230% over the last eight months. NIA conservatively projects the official rate of U.S. price inflation to surpass 4% by year-end and 5% in early 2012. NIA estimates the real rate of U.S. price inflation, without geometric weighting and hedonics, to currently be approaching 8%. NIA projects the real rate of U.S. price inflation to reach double-digit territory by mid-2012, if not much sooner.

Gold prices today reached a new all time high of $1,877 per ounce. Gold is the best gauge of inflation, not the CPI. On June 15th when the BLS reported May CPI data, gold was trading for only $1,520 per ounce. Even though the BLS reported a year-over-year CPI increase for the month of May of 3.16%, the mainstream media reported that inflation was slowing down and not a problem because gas prices were declining. Although seasonal adjusted gas prices in the month of May were down 2%, NIA reported to you that non-adjusted gas prices actually rose 3.6%. NIA then warned you that the BLS’s seasonal adjustments will reverse beginning in the month of July and start boosting reported gas prices.

NIA was right, seasonal adjusted gas prices in the month of July increased 4.7%. The mainstream media intentionally misled Americans about price inflation during the month of June, but the world is now recognizing the truth about how U.S. price inflation is spiraling out of control with the price of gold having risen 23% since mid-June. The investment community is also finally realizing what NIA has been saying for years, inflation does not create real economic growth.

The Dow Jones declined today by 172.93 points to 10,817.65 and the Dow Jones/Gold ratio fell to 5.84. The Dow Jones/Gold ratio is declining at a faster rate than even we expected. NIA was one of the only organizations in the world to accurately predict that the Dow Jones/Gold ratio would decline to 6.5 in 2011. NIA continues to believe that the Dow Jones/Gold ratio will decline to 1 this decade, which will mean another 83% loss for Dow Jones stocks in terms of real money.

The lower the stock market declines in the near-term, the greater the chances are that the Federal Reserve will soon unleash QE3 in disguise under a new name. Despite gold reaching a new all time high, the core-CPI, which the Federal Reserve likes to use to gauge inflation because it excludes food and energy prices, is currently up 1.77% on a year-over-year basis, compared to an annual gain of 0.61% in October of last year. Even though core-CPI growth appears to still be low, year-over-year core-CPI growth has increased by 290% since October of last year, a larger gain on a percentage basis than the official CPI. Ever since the Federal Reserve announced QE2 in November of last year, core-CPI has increased for nine straight months.

By the time the 2012 Presidential election comes around, inflation will be the top concern on the minds of all Americans. Inflation will be an even bigger concern than unemployment, because nobody will want to have a job that pays them a salary in U.S. dollars. The only Presidential candidate who has the knowledge and courage necessary to preserve what little purchasing power the U.S. dollar still has left is Ron Paul. NIA supports Ron Paul to become the Republican nominee in the 2012 U.S. Presidential election. To become the Republican nominee, Ron Paul will need to win the Republican presidential primaries. Unlike the general election to be held on November 6th, 2012, the Republican primaries are a series of primary elections and caucuses that are spread out over five months beginning in February.

Iowa is always the first state to vote and will have their caucuses on February 6th, followed by New Hampshire on February 14th, Nevada on February 18th, and South Carolina on February 28th. The results of the first few primaries/caucuses usually influence how people will vote in the following primaries/caucuses. It is important for a candidate to build momentum early on. If a candidate doesn’t have a strong showing in early primary states, they frequently drop out of the race before all of the primaries/caucuses are completed.

The way the primaries are structured gives voters in early primary states, especially voters in Iowa, a lot of power compared to voters in states like New York who very often don’t vote until the nominee has already been determined. About six months before every Iowa Republican primary is the Ames Straw Poll, an unofficial Presidential straw poll that takes place in Ames, Iowa, of who Iowa voters are planning to support in their caucuses. The 2011 Ames Straw Poll just took place on August 13th with Michele Bachmann finishing first place with 4,823 votes and Ron Paul coming in second with 4,671 votes, only 152 votes behind Bachmann.

To attend the Ames Straw Poll and have the opportunity to vote in the poll, attendees were required to purchase a ticket priced at $30. Bachmann gave her supporters 6,000 free tickets at a cost to her campaign of $180,000. Only 80% of the people she gave free tickets to actually voted for her, and that’s assuming none of the people who actually bought tickets voted for her. Bachmann didn’t just pay for the entrance of 6,000 people who she thought supported her, but she paid a small fortune to have Grammy Award winning country singer Randy Travis perform in a special air-conditioned tent. Bachmann even paid to transport forty bus loads of Randy Travis fans to the event, who were required to register at the Bachmann table and vote before seeing the entertainment.

With Bachmann spending a total of nearly $1 million on this event, she should have won the straw poll in a blow out. Click on the link below to see a shocking video we just posted to the NIA blog of the never ending line of Bachmann “supporters” registering at her table so that they could vote without paying the $30 fee. NIA believes that many of these people pretended to support her in order to get free tickets, but actually voted for Ron Paul: http://inflation.us/blog/2011/08/crazy-video-of-bachmann-ames-straw-poll-line/

The morning after Bachmann’s phony victory, she appeared on five different nationwide talk shows. Ron Paul wasn’t allowed to appear on any, with both ‘Meet the Press’ and ‘Fox News Sunday’ canceling interviews they had scheduled with him. Meet the Press spent the morning talking about Bachmann’s win and Tim Pawlenty dropping out of the race after finishing third with less than half of the votes of Bachmann and Ron Paul. They barely mentioned Ron Paul even when he finished in a statistical dead heat with Bachmann.

Even more frustrating and disturbing, the Wall Street Journal published a long article Sunday morning about the race and it focused almost entirely on Bachmann’s straw poll win and Rick Perry’s entry into the race. The article only had one sentence about Ron Paul that read, “Libertarian Ron Paul, who has no chance to win the nomination, finished a close second.” On Monday morning, Ron Paul was scheduled to appear on NBC’s ‘Today’ show, but that interview was canceled as well with an NBC official saying it was due to “logistics and timing reasons with the news in Indiana and Somalia.”

The mainstream media believes that if they repeat “Ron Paul has no chance of winning” enough times, it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy. The same applies to the media constantly referring to Mitt Romney as the front-runner. The media supports Romney because they like how he is a part of the Republican establishment and if elected would stick with the status quo in Washington.

Four years ago when Ron Paul was relatively unknown, Romney was the winner of the 2007 Ames Straw Poll. Rudy Giuliani and John McCain, who were both also seeking the 2008 Republican presidential nomination, chose not to participate in the 2007 Ames Straw Poll. Romney at the time in his own words called Giuliani and McCain cowards. Romney said, “I think if they thought they could have won, they would have been here,” and “If you can’t compete in the heartland, if you can’t compete in Iowa in August, how are you going to compete in January when the caucuses are held, and how are you going to compete in November of ’08?”

NIA believes that if Romney thought that he could have won the 2011 Ames Straw Poll, he would have been there. Romney knows that he lost all of his grassroots supporters when he spoke out in favor of the Federal Reserve’s destructive monetary policies and said Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke was doing a good job. Romney showed his true colors when he said the Federal Reserve is a non-issue and that he won’t be discussing it during his campaign. He has now proven himself to be a hypocrite who was scared of looking bad by losing to Ron Paul in the straw poll and losing his “front-runner” status that was handed to him by the mainstream media. If Romney was afraid to compete in Iowa this month, NIA sees no chance of him winning in Iowa this February and no chance of him winning the Republican nomination.

With Iowa voters having a lot of power being in the first primary state, Iowa residents have spent more time researching the candidates than residents of most other states. Because Iowa voters are educated on the issues, especially issues affecting the economy, the media knew Ron Paul would have a strong showing in the Ames Straw Poll and for weeks leading up to it ran countless stories designed to downplay the poll and make it seem irrelevant. One Fox News reporter even went as far as saying that winning the straw poll is a negative and makes it nearly impossible to win the nomination. None of these things were said before the poll in 2007 because the media knew their darling Romney would win.

All educated Americans who understand the facts and truth about the U.S. economy and inflation are in strong support of Ron Paul because of his 24 year record in Congress of voting against increases in government spending and taxes, and voting for measures to strengthen our currency and reduce monetary inflation. Ron Paul stands for everything that NIA believes in such as liberty, freedom, and sound money. He has done more to protect the U.S. Constitution than any other person in Washington. Our founding fathers had the foresight 224 years ago to see the economic problems we have today. Even back then, rulers of nations had a history of coin clipping, replacing the silver in coins with base metals, and implementing other measures that stole from the purchasing power of ordinary citizens. Our founding fathers never would have imagined just how easy it has become to create inflation, where now the Federal Reserve with the click of a mouse can credit trillions of dollars to any banking institution worldwide.

For years, the media has dismissed Ron Paul’s fight against the Federal Reserve and its destruction of the U.S. dollar. The media calls Ron Paul’s ideas radical, but NIA believes Ron Paul is the most sane person in Washington. NIA believes balancing the budget, auditing the Federal Reserve, returning to a gold standard, and bringing our troops home from the Middle East, are all sane ideas that must be implemented if we want to have any hope of avoiding hyperinflation.

Rick Perry, the governor of Texas who just entered the race for the Republican presidential nomination, was recently asked about the Federal Reserve and in response he called Bernanke’s acts of printing money “treasonous”. NIA was the first to call Bernanke’s actions treasonous. Back on December 9th of last year, NIA released an article entitled “WikiLeaks, Bernanke, and Hyperinflation” in which NIA said that it was “deeply disturbed by how U.S. politicians and the mainstream media have been calling for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to be charged with treason.” Although in no way does NIA support Assange or his actions, we expressed in our article how we don’t believe it is a treasonous act to help spread the truth about our country’s foreign policy and other sensitive topics when the information he posted was given to him and in no way did he hack any government systems to obtain it.

NIA went on to state in its December 9th article, “If there is one American who deserves to be charged with treason, it is Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.” It is not humanly possible to betray ones country in a way that is more egregious than Bernanke’s despicable acts. NIA is currently in the process of producing a sequel to its critically acclaimed documentary ‘Meltup’, which has received over 1.1 million views with 96% of its viewers “liking” the movie and only 4% “disliking” it, a record for YouTube documentaries at least 50 minutes in length with over 1 million views. NIA’s sequel to ‘Meltup’ will expose the latest updated facts and truth about the U.S. economy, Federal Reserve, and inflation. It will set a whole new standard as the most in-depth, informative, educational, and entertaining economic documentary ever produced. Most importantly, it will expose why Bernanke’s actions are indeed treasonous.

As far as Rick Perry is concerned, he is really no different than Romney. Perry like Romney is a governor who was elected to office due to his strong ties to the Republican establishment. Both Perry and Romney according to many media pundits look very Presidential. You will never hear Perry or Romney speak a word about bringing our troops home, repealing legislation that invades Americans’ privacy rights without making us any safer here at home, and eliminating entire departments of government including the Department of Education, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, Department of Health and Human Services, and Department of Homeland Security. These unnecessary bureaucracies have done nothing but add to our budget deficits, without a single success story to justify their existence.

Perry is not a true fiscal conservative. He and his wife complained that the Texas governor’s mansion was too small and is now spending $11 million of President Obama’s stimulus money to renovate and expand its size. With the construction now taking place at the governor’s mansion and Perry unable to live there, Texas taxpayers have so far spent $700,000 to rent him an even bigger Texas mansion and to cover expenses at the mansion including Neiman Marcus window coverings and a subscription to Food & Wine Magazine.

What is unbelievable to us is that Perry for the most part has been a career politician, yet he has somehow managed to become a multi-millionaire while spending nearly all of his time in public office earning a relatively modest salary. Of course, if Perry was elected President, nothing much will change from the Obama administration and within a few years, he might become a multi-billionaire because a billionaire will be the new millionaire. Make no mistake about it, Perry may be trying to differentiate himself from Romney by speaking out against the Fed, but as President of the United States of America, NIA guarantees that Perry wouldn’t do a damn thing to limit the Fed’s powers and stop it from wiping out both the savings of senior citizens and the purchasing power of their Social Security checks. Perry is already in the pocket of the big banks and we just posted an 11 second video on the NIA blog that proves it: http://inflation.us/blog/2011/08/shocking-video-bank-of-america-executive-offers-to-help-out-rick-perry/

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 20th, is Ron Paul’s birthday. To celebrate his birthday and help build momentum for his Presidential campaign, Ron Paul supporters have organized a huge “moneybomb” that starts at midnight tonight. If you would like to give Ron Paul the best possible birthday President and help increase the chances of our nation’s survival, please make a donation beginning at midnight tonight by going to: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/

It is important to spread the word about NIA to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, if you want America to survive hyperinflation. Please tell everybody you know to become members of NIA for free immediately at: http://inflation.us.


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