Ranting Andy: Mike Maloney/Eric Sprott Pieces, Must Watch this Weekend to Learn What is Coming for Gold, Silver, and the World!


Who knows what will happen tomorrow, but for the first time EVER I sense that the EVIL powers that be are starting to feel helpless. 

They have used up ALL their available ammunition, and shot blanks. 

They have used up ALL their available propaganda, but no one believes them anymore (and Rupert Murdoch’s scandal doesn’t help matters any).

They have NOT given up attempting to manipulate markets, but with the exception of U.S. Treasury bonds (which will eventually meet their maker), the markets are effortlessly shrugging off their increasingly pathetic efforts, PARTICULARLY in the all important “BAROMETER MARKET”, GOLD.

Economic data is collapsing (GASP, did you see the -30.7 Philly Fed today, compared to “expectations” of +2.0?), inflation data is surging, and essentially every Western economy is either in deep recession/depression or going into one NOW.

And of course, money-center banks are starting to resume their rightful place in the satanic annals of history, right behind Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, and the rest, as the market finally starts to understand they are FAR MORE INSOLVENT now than at the depths of the 2008-09 meltdown, care of fraudulent FASB accounting masking vastly deteriorated real estate-based assets.

I’d say I’m 100% sure gold will hit $2,000/oz in the coming weeks, but it DID SO TODAY on APMEX, and right now is hovering in the high $1,990s if you have any interest in buying gold eagles right now (and I hope you do!).  Thus, I won’t even venture a guess as to where gold and silver prices go this Fall, but I can essentially GUARANTEE they will be substantially higher, as the aforementioned manipulative “tools” of TPTB simply DON’T, and likely WON’T, work anymore.

As we head into an extremely pivotal weekend, one with the potential to change our lives forever (if TPTB cannot engineer a reversal of today’s horrific action tomorrow), I have found two pieces that I strongly urge you to digest.

The first is an interview with Eric Sprott, the reigning General of the Global Precious Metals Army (with Jim Sinclair as Admiral Emeritus), who is as keyed in to the inner workings of the PHYSICAL gold and silver markets as anyone on earth, via his Sprott Money bullion company and closed-end bullion funds, PHYS and PSLV.  In it, he not only claims that supply/demand fundamentals dictate a silver price 3x the current level, but as we speak is in the process of purchasing an additional $32 million or so of PHYSICAL SILVER, if that amount even exists for sale.

There can be NOTHING more bullish for the outlook for silver than this action, coming from the man who, in January, predicted a silver spike to $50/oz.,  which occurred a measly three months later!


Secondly, one of the more unsung heroes of the Precious Metals army, himself worthy of a high-ranking position, is Mike Maloney of goldsilver.com, also a leading PM prognosticator and bullion dealer.

The below link is to a 90-minute presentation he released today about his views regarding the state of global financial markets, particularly Precious Metals.  He not only clearly elucidates why gold not only SHOULD, but WILL trade to $15,000-$20,000/oz (before the potential effects of hyperinflation, of course), but also gives very valuable commentary about what might happen to global stock, bond, and real estate markets in the coming years (HINT:  It isn’t pretty).

Given the risks of what might happen this weekend if tomorrow’s action gets out of control (bank holiday, etc.), PLEASE TAKE ALL STEP TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY IMMEDIATELY, and make sure to watch this extremely informative (and entertaining) presentation.




2 Responses to Ranting Andy: Mike Maloney/Eric Sprott Pieces, Must Watch this Weekend to Learn What is Coming for Gold, Silver, and the World!

  1. Ken says:

    Hi Andy, it is possible that the Cartel is setting up the sheep for a slaughter in gold, similar to the one they engineered in Silver in May? Step aside while gold leaps higher each day, and then BAM! Down 10% or more in a day?

  2. Ranting Andy says:


    It’s all paper, which has reached “manipulation saturation”.

    Sit tight with PHYSICAL and watch the Cartel die.

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