Great Panther Silver – Important Information/Refutation of Borderline Slanderous Article

We believe strongly in Great Panther Silver (NYSE-Amex: GPL; TSX: GPR) as one of the top mid-tier silver producers in the market today. 

The Company has been one of the strongest growth stories in the precious metals mining universe, consistently showing nothing but the utmost integrity in all its business dealings, both in the public’s eye and outside of it.

The stock has weakened this week following the publication Tuesday of a Seeking Alpha piece by someone who could be considered a “negative blogger” and who may have been looking to create weakness in the stock (link below).

We at Torrey Hills Capital are surprised by the allegations made in this article, criticizing the Company of everything from poor management, lack of ethics, a sub-standard product, and “pump and dump” activities.  We have been working with the Company closely for several years, and even without management’s refutation of these allegations are quite confident that essentially everything written in this article is, at best, purposefully misleading, and at worst, slanderous.

Fortunately, we are not the only people that feel this way.  Per the article published JUST HOURS AGO by Christopher Barker of The Motley Fool, essentially a full-blown refutation of the Seeking Alpha article using FACTS secured from none other than Great Panther’s long-time CEO, Bob Archer (link below).

And as we posted earlier today, JUST HOURS AGO, Global Hunter Analyst Jeff Wright UPGRADED GPL from Accumulate to Buy, based on his continued confidence in the story but lower stock price.


One Response to Great Panther Silver – Important Information/Refutation of Borderline Slanderous Article

  1. MIHRTRN says:

    Thanks to you and Chris Barker at Motley Fool !!!! Seeking Alpha pulled their story but the damage is done and the headline is still there. They need to issue an apology statement or they have zero credibility just like the clown that wrote this “borderline slanderous ” article.

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