Ranting Andy: A World Gone Mad‐Diary of a Fed Announcement, and Why Silver is About to Go Nuclear

I think we all knew yesterday’s Fed announcement was of DIRE IMPORTANCE to TPTB, directly following a record Dow decline and near parabolic gold surge that broke every Cartel capping tool devised (although they made up for it by sitting on silver). 

Anyone with half a brain knew what the announcement would be, and it should be crystal clear that NOTHING they say has a chance in hell of EVER helping the economy.  Yet, the clueless media hyped the decision as if the fate of America depended on it, as they have done with EVERY Fed meeting for the past three years, EACH of which has produced the IDENTICAL result!

Given the fragile state of the market, the criminals in Washington and on Wall Street knew they MUST create a post-announcement market reaction that would get publicized worldwide as a “success”, one that assured CONFIDENCE in both the Fed and the near-term economic outlook.  Not that they hadn’t massively manipulated gold and the Dow following ALL their other announcements, but this one in particular had all the hallmarks of a potential near-term catastrophe.

I commenced this RANT minutes after the announcement was made yesterday, intending to highlight the futility of the announcement, which early on resulted in gold rising nearly $30 and the Dow plummeting 350 points from the pre-announcement levels.  However, I got sidetracked, and thus couldn’t finish what I started until this morning.

However, I want to take credit for the first sentences I penned before quitting (with gold up to nearly $1,770 and the Dow down 200 points), which couldn’t have been more prescient:

“I know it’s early in the afternoon, as the Fed/PPT/ESF/Cartel/Working Group will be pumping more money into stock/bond/currency/gold manipulation in the next hour than at any time in HISTORY!  The Fed statement MUST be made to look effective, no matter how many TRILLIONS are spent to paint a picture otherwise.  However, no matter what they do, the INITIAL market response, BEFORE all the ALGOs were turned on, tells the story of EXACTLY what it thinks about the Fed’s pathetic statement.”

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