Ranting Andy: Too Stupid for Words – If This Doesn’t Convince You Hyperinflation is Upon Us, Nothing Will!

Last night, I came across an article depicting such a level of stupidity, moral hazard, and CHUTZPAH, that I had to reread it several times to make sure it wasn’t satire.  I figured there is no way such “luminaries” in the eyes of the doting public could possibly give such moronic, and destructive soundbytes, particularly during the most significant sovereign threat the U.S. has faced since Pearl Harbor.  But they DID anyway, and weren’t even challenged by the press.

I initially sent a brief email stating my loss of words, but as any RANTING ANDY reader knows, that condition rarely lasts long, particularly when pertaining to an opportunity to castigate two of the people I hate most on EARTH, Alan Greenspan and Warren Buffett.  I had also gone essentially a whole day of sleep, but now that I’m refreshed the creative juices are again flowing.

No need to list the Hall of Shame accomplishments of these clowns, particularly Greenspan who, unlike Buffett never earned a dime in the “legitimate business world” (sorry, I had to steal that phrase from Dr. Phillip Bombay in “Back to School”, my all-time favorite comedy).  But given the ongoing, and now accelerating, COLLAPSE of the U.S. financial system, sometimes one really needs to EMPHASIZE how far down the rabbit hole we have gone to realize that the odds of escape are no better than a ray of light in a black hole.

This weekend, amongst perhaps the most intense GLOBAL episode of “Sunday Night Special” ever, in an attempt to assuage investor fears, the puppet media trotted out their two biggest shills, Greenspan and Buffett, to give worldwide investors their sage advice.  But rather than to even hedge their comments, they straight out stated ‘all is well, nothing to see here.

Greenspan, in my mind THE NUMBER ONE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MESS, whom in his retirement years has been subtlely hinting that he remembers his roots as advocate of REAL MONEY (i.e. gold), decided to do a 180 and return to the Greenspan of old, fearless of “irrational exuberance” and ever-willing to implement the “Greenspan put” with a few strokes of his money-printing keyboard. 

In response to a Meet the Press question regarding the validity of S&P’s decision to downgrade U.S. Treasury debt, he vociferously defended his former employers by stating  “The United States can pay any debt because we can always print money to do that. So there is zero probability of default.”  Yes readers, he actually said that, in front of a GLOBAL audience, fully believing this would be a comfort to bondholders, creditors, and rating agencies alike.

Even better, everyone’s favorite government sell-out and insider trading expert, Warren Buffet, had the gall to not only attack S&P, but add that a new rating of AAAA should be instituted so the U.S. could be UPGRADED!

Readers, we are entering a VERY, VERY DANGEROUS TIME, unprecedented in human history.  The largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme of all time is on the verge of certain collapse, and frankly at the pace things are going such a cataclysm could occur at any moment.  Bill H., also of GATA fame, penned a great missive this morning comparing the time frames of a mania versus a panic, driving home the conclusion about how fast things can plummet when CONFIDENCE is lost and FEAR takes over, as opposed to the slow-motion inflation of a GREED-based bubble.  That loss of confidence is picking up steam as we speak, and comments like this are the type that could potentially start an avalanche at any time.

Yes, Greenspan is an old, senile coot, but he has had more influence over world monetary policy than any man in history.  And more importantly, we now have the past TWO Fed Chairman. Greenspan and Bernanke, who have cumulatively destroyed the dollar for 24 of the 40 years it has reigned as “reserve currency”, giving similar statements about ‘helicopter drops’ in terms of the arsenal available to them.  With protests and in some cases riots going on all over the world in response to rising inflationary pressures (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Bahrain, Greece, and now more civilized nations such as Israel and the UK), such massively hyperinflationary statements from the reserve currency’s LEADERS can only bode for potentially horrific near-term outcomes, in my view.

Sorry for the light humor about Back to School, as frankly this is no time for humor of any kind.  At the GATA conference, Jim Rickards spoke about the psychology of complex systems such as financial markets, noting that every system has its own threshold of pain, and that at any time we could witness the “straw that breaks the market’s back.”  Once the hyperinflationary genie is out of the bottle (and it’s pushing FULL FORCE at the cork right now), the 1971-2011 worldwide status quo will be GONE FOREVER, replaced by a MUCH SCARIER reality, the type that has inspired insidious fictions such as 1984, V for Vendetta, and Atlas Shrugged, as well as more diabolical realities such as Stalinist Russia, Fascist Italy, and Nazi Germany.

Holding any material portion of your “wealth” in DOLLARS, POUNDS, or EUROS appears SUICIDAL, particularly if held in insolvent BANKS in the U.S., UK, or Europe.  All one needs to do is look at the chart of Bank of America (below), THE LARGEST AMERICAN BANK, (http://www.ffiec.gov/nicpubweb/nicweb/top50form.aspx), which has been bailed out perhaps a half dozen times (on its own and via Merrill Lynch and Countrywide Credit), to realize that NO AMOUNT OF PAPER, ACCOUNTING CHICANERY, OR PPT SUPPORT, will ultimately be able to save the system.

NOW IS OFFICIALLY NOT SOON ENOUGH to PROTECT YOURSELF from the tsunami which is about to wipe out the Western financial system once and for all.  The receding of the waters is long past, and now the wave is within spitting distance of the shore.

8 Responses to Ranting Andy: Too Stupid for Words – If This Doesn’t Convince You Hyperinflation is Upon Us, Nothing Will!

  1. Everybody in the world knows what’s going down, but nobody has any power to stop the rogue USA Government. The debt ceiling is irrelevant. It was too late when Ronald Reagan left office with his massive debt. Since Reagan, the USA Federal Government has been a member of the, “living dead.” There are no words in the English language to describe this level of sadness.

    “In 2011 Dennis Blair, previous director of national intelligence, mentioned that 17 Americans have been killed on U.S. soil by terrorists in the 10 years since 9/11 — 14 of them in the Ft. Hood massacre. Meanwhile, auto accidents, murders and rapes combined have killed an estimated 1.5 million people in the past decade. “What is it that justifies this amount of money on this narrow problem?” WHAT ABOUT THE LIVES OF THE 1.5 MILLION? WHAT IS THE TSA DOING ABOUT THAT?

    The only thing Bush proved by invading Iraq was that Sadam was a great leader. Just look at the place then, and compare it to now. Bush and his cronies will go the warmonger way of Hitler and his henchmen. Think of how great the USA and the world would be today if the US never had a military of any kind. All that money could have been used to build a Utopian society. Is the USA run by a secret satanic society? The level of stupidity of the USA leaders over the last nearly 100 years is so incomprehensible, I cannot think of any other explanation for the blatant and widespread insanity. Where does the USA go in the next 20 to 50 years? There is only one course, and it has been played out a thousand times in recorded history. The 50 states will divide up to become separate countries, or groups of states will join together where it is in their benefit. The USA Federal Government with their warmongering ways, and all of their debt, will go the way of the Romans and their debt. I hope the people around the world can understand that the citizens of the USA are in no way connected to the people who control the country, and do not like or approve of the USA leadership any more than any of the other USA’s victims on the planet. Two long articles are posted on the site: facebook.com/garydonoliver

  2. USA is BROKE get over it says:

    I totally agree that the stock market is a rigged game, one which the common man is destined to lose. The Rothschilds will win and you will lose, its just 1+1=2 level addition you fools. Cash out your 401k’s and buy gold or silver ( or canned food and shotguns ) and you will feel better than your neighbors in 6 months!

  3. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I heard Greenspan twice warn against the exuberance he witnessed regarding the marketing of ‘derivatives’. He explained their use was to be of a short term ‘”bookkeeping” useage ONLY. But with deregulation of the stock market, he feltpowerless or had a ‘go ahead and hang yourself’ attitude. The true enemies of the people thus would have to be those officials facilitating the looting of the treasury and those exploiting the ‘derivative’ market for personal gain.I don’t like Greenspan either.

  4. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Unfortunatly, someone feels the same information can not be given twice at Word Press. Facts cannot be copyrighted nor censored if of a true and nonobscene nature, unless demonstrated to infringe upon issues of ‘National security’.
    Greenspan warned against the exuberant overuse of derivatives. I heard him say so twice. The worst enemies of the U.S. and other economies are those who use every loophole to loot at will, including derivative aficionados

  5. BHR aka CR says:

    The more I observe events the more I think Bix Weir may not be insane after all. Check out roadtoroota.com truth is always stranger than fiction.

    You can’t make this stuff up…as one guy put it: “Could it be that Alan Greenspan is ON OUR SIDE – a Jedi Master secretly PRETENDING to be a Sith Lord?

    If this turns out to be true – then maybe there IS HOPE for the World after all. The Dark Lords of the House of Rothschild and Rockefeller will soon be TOAST!”

    The thought bends my mind; however, seek for yourself. There will be pain and there is massive pain to come but I think sound money will come out on top and the bankers will end up getting theirs in the end…

    Or not.

  6. George Silver says:


    Have you ever thought that as an acolyte of Ayn Rand and a believer in Gold that he actually planned this to destroy the “private” Fed and the corrupt parasitic bankers?

  7. I once read a story of a gambler who had figured out how Jai-Alai was fixed. He used a complex formula to bet on the games, where he could net about 1.5%, over the long run. To really take advantage of this, he would bet large sums of money. Some nights he would lose big and the frontons loved the cash flow. In the long run, he always won. He always put on a show with several beautiful girls in his entourage, stretch limos, champagne and cocaine everywhere. If he was late, the fronton would delay the games until he arrived. He was kicking ass and spending every dime.

    The State of Florida wanted a bigger piece of the pie, so they decided to take 2% more than they were taking. This reminds me of the S&P downgrade.

    Our gambling friend, was a mathematical genius and he knew the grand life was over. He just couldn’t give up the rock star life, the girls, the limos, and the adulation he received. He tried to gut it out but in the long run, he would lose about half of one percent. With the entourage, he was getting slaughtered.

    Our gambling friend resorted to crime, to maintain his life style,as a very successful cat burglar, climbing the high rise, beachfront hotels balconies for cash and jewelry. It all soon came crashing down upon his head and now he’s a big shot in prison.

    The very slight downgrade from AAA to AA, is all it will take to bring down the USA and all the Wall St gamblers. They will try to gut it out, but in the end, it will all come crashing down on our heads.

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