Thom Calandra: Field Report – Gold Under Trailer Parks in the Carolinas – Revolution (RV) Out for Glory and African Gold Group (TSX-V: AGG) Releases Positive PEA at Kobada

JERICHO HILL, North Carolina – ‘Round these parts, it takes a lot of jaw-boning, a cashier’s check … “and a case or two of beer” to contract out gold properties.

North Carolina “ain’t hardly been mapped, and you have to put in lots of miles to stitch together private properties,” says Revolution Resources (TSX: RV and OTCQX: RVRCF) senior geologist Pete Evans. “The largest tract we have is 860 acres.”

Those tracts almost always have the private owner living on the property, usually in a trailer. So the cases of beer are, well come on let’s be real here, they’re welcome.

I’m at Revolution Resources’ Jericho Hill and surrounding targets at its Champion Hills properties in central North Carolina, USA. I am here for three reasons:

1. I am looking for legitimate early-stage gold-silver projects in the USA (but outside of Nevada, Colorado, Arizona & Utah).

2. I am heading to D.C. and then Europe so the stopover seems to make sense, even with the 100-degree-Fahrenheit heat.

3. Revolution Resources’ tiny market capitalization and the fact it is a Torrey Hills Capital client make it worth the tour.

Amidst a 40,000-meter-drill program, Revolution Resources is smack in the Carolina Slate Belt. The belt of massive volcanic rock is 500 million years old and stretches from Alabama all the way to Scotland in the United Kingdom.

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