Ranting Andy: Hyperinflation in Here Now!

You have perhaps three more months to protect yourself before widespread cost surges occur in every life necessity! Here is how to protect yourself!

Well today is CRISIS #6, and it just took 2 days to arrive (see above)!

Following Friday’s unemployment horror, as well as a heightened sense of European alarm now that the contagion has reached the shores of Italy and Spain (MUCH, MUCH larger than Greece, Ireland, and Portugal), not to mention the dollar crashing through the 80 yen level that has been supported by G-7 decree, the floodgates have broken WIDE OPEN.

And the coup de grace was first, the FOMC meeting minutes from June 22nd, which yesterday revealed that QE3 was openly discussed, and second, AS WE SPEAK, Helicopter Ben on Capitol Hill telling all of Congress that he himself is ready to administer QE3.

Overt, and expanding bailouts (money printing) in America, Europe, and Japan, the catastrophic debt ceiling negotiations detailed at length in my Sunday RANT, “DEBT CEILING DEBACLE – THE DEATH BLOW TO AMERICA”, and now the near-term inevitability of QE3 in the U.S. and its equivalent overseas…

…in other words, readers, HYPERINFLATION IS HERE, NOW!

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