Ranting Andy Alert 2: All, This is What an Illegal, Paper Cartel Looks Like! End Game is Here, Now!


It only took MINUTES from my last post for the Cartel to see the same thing – i.e. FEAR – and VIOLENTLY ATTACK GOLD AND SILVER IN A 10-minute period that I have rarely seen before, even from them.

This is now ALL-OUT WAR, as the END GAME has COMMENCED (per my RANT on Friday).

As you can see, the parabolic move was halted nearly IMMEDIATELY after the 8:20 am COMEX open with a FLOOD OF ILLEGAL, UNBACKED PAPER SHORTS, with the STAGE 2 VIOLENT ATTACK COMMENCING IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE 10:00 am LONDON PM fix!

Readers, do you remember this chart from my “Summer Doldrums” rant of less than two weeks ago?

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