Ranting Andy: “Summer Doldrums,” The Biggest Load of C–p Ever!

RANTING ANDY – OK, as you all know my number one pet peeve is “good guys” that do a disservice to our cause by putting out two-faced, misleading, or in many cases, just plain lazy analysis.  We are fighting a financial war against the evil forces in Washington, New York, and London, whom thrive on such reports, as their one and only goal is to promote FEAR in the hearts and minds of Precious Metals investors.  In other words, as the financial Cat 5 hurricane hits American shores, they want you to be OUT of Precious Metals and IN the toxic assets they are promoting, such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and, of course, the U.S. DOLLAR.

Such propaganda would never work in a freely traded market, but by now, particularly if you have read my recent RANTS, it should be crystal clear that not only are Precious Metals markets NOT freely traded (gold, silver, AND mining shares), but the LEVEL of manipulation has escalated exponentially since the physical market started showing major cracks late last year. 

November 9, 2010, or “D-DAY” was the Cartel’s response to PHYSICAL CRISIS #1, when they resorted to the first ever INTRADAY silver margin increase to quell the metals surge, and simultaneously started viciously attacking large cap mining shares with GOVERNMENT COMPUTER ALGORITHMS to make sure people betting against them were punished (those “ALGOs” continue to this day unabated, and consequently I no longer own large cap mining shares).

However, despite these despicable, illegal tactics, the physical market shocked them by rapidly rebounding, with both gold and silver setting new all-time highs on April 29, 2011, just five-and-a-half months later.  Obviously, this surge was even more dangerous, particularly with the “end” of QE2 looming on the horizon, the European Community collapsing, and Japan amidst the most horrific humanitarian and economic crisis of the modern era. 

So after a three-day (Good Friday) weekend of planning, they launched the SUNDAY NIGHT PAPER SILVER MASSACRE, attacking the paper market in the wee hours of trading Sunday night while China was closed for a holiday.  They started with a comical $6 drop in silver in NINE MINUTES, and then when it started to rebound reported the “shocking” news that bin Laden was killed (as if that matters), despite having no body to prove it.  Moreover, when gold had the gall to recover ALL its Sunday night losses in Monday morning trading and reach another ALL-TIME HIGH, they turned up the juice with a patented 12:00 PM EST CAP and ATTACK, replete with a vicious follow-up paper attack in the last half hour of NYSE trading to make sure their plan was a success.

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One Response to Ranting Andy: “Summer Doldrums,” The Biggest Load of C–p Ever!

  1. Ken says:

    Thanks Andy for a great post. At times it looks like you’re so angry you might harm your health!
    Re the ‘gold as money’ wisdom in the east, I can personally vouch for it. I live in India and meet with all kinds of people, from farmers, businessmen, modern IT techies, middle class families and rich families. Without a single exception, everyone in India irrespective of their status or educational level treats gold (and silver) as money. It is almost as if it is in the DNA here. As soon as a farmer gets money for his crop around October, he buys gold. The businessman converts a significant part of his profits to gold or silver immediately. I have accompanied business friends as they drop into their favourite neighbourhood gold shop and buy a kilo of gold and 10 kilos of silver in exchange for paper money. Cashed up execs in the IT outsourcing industry buy gold jewelry for themselves, girlfriends, wives, parents, sisters. There are major and minor festivals throughout the year when it is traditional to buy gold. The major ones come in October-November and May. The wedding season is between September – May, and absolutely no wedding is possible without gold. Even the poorest labourer will try to get at least 10gm of gold for his daughter’s wedding. And the surprising thing is nobody even talks of the gold price when buying, it is almost as if it is a necessity.
    Historically, when a country debases its currency, it is gold that leaves that country. The suppression of gold and silver prices only ensures that the transfer of wealth in the form of gold that is occurring now from the West (mainly US / UK) to the East (Asia) is happening at a discounted price level. The Chinese and Indians are buying up the gold in truckloads at a discount thanks to the cartels price suppression.

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