Mineral Ridge – The Awakening Giant

On Tuesday of this week, we had the opportunity to visit the Mineral Ridge gold mine in Nevada.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, no amount of words can do justice to actually being on site and witnessing the operations first hand.  For those who were unable to attend the trip, below is one person’s perspective which allows you to share the site visit experience as best as possible.  Thank you to “Ranting” Andy Hoffman for sharing this with us.

Ranting Andy – My trip to the Mineral Ridge gold mine was eye-opening in many ways.

To start, I am always awestruck by an efficiently operating mine, fully aware that most investors have no inkling of the complex, time-consuming work behind producing an ounce of gold (the polar opposite, by the way, of what goes into “producing” a printed dollar).

Secondly, I was impressed by the sheer size of Mineral Ridge, which at roughly 10,000 acres has barely been explored, irrespective of the fact that nearly 150 years of mine workings were visible throughout the property.

Finally, it was hard to not be comforted by the credibility and expertise of the Company´s management team, led by grizzled mining veteran Peter Hawley, the CEO of project operator Scorpio Gold (SGN.V). Mr. Hawley, whom single-handedly built Scorpio Mining (SPM.T) into a mid-tier silver producer, continues to be SPM´s Chairman, and led the movement to spin off its assets into the dedicated gold miner Scorpio Gold.

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