Ranting Andy Special #3: Psst, I Have a Secret

RANTING ANDY – In recent weeks, I have focused on the same theme, the intensification of Cartel suppression of PAPER gold and silver, as well as PM mining stocks, in the past six months. The reason for this acceleration of illegal activity is pretty obvious, and ominous, i.e. the imminent collapse of the global fiat currency system. And when I say imminent I do not mean “someday”, I mean some day very, very soon.

How will this collapse occur?

I wish I knew, but I can say for sure that it will look NOTHING like the 1930s depression, the 1970s inflationary crisis, or even Weimar Germany. Markets never repeat identically, and frankly making comparisons between the 1920s in Germany or the 1970s in America and now are, at best, comical, and at worst, completely baseless.

This is a GLOBAL currency crisis, not a German issue like in the 1920s (due to World War I reparations) or an American issue in the 1970s (due to the Arab oil Embargo and other isolated issues). The entire Western World is embroiled in it, led into the abyss by the horrifically selfish and destructive economic policies of New York, London, Tokyo, and, collectively, the European Economic Community.

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2 Responses to Ranting Andy Special #3: Psst, I Have a Secret

  1. Ken says:

    Andy, great post. You’re genuinely getting us scared!
    Two observations: I presume you mean the fiat crisis will happen within a year or two at most, although you have not mentioned a date. Can you tell us what makes you think the end game will be up soon, ie any empirical observations that allow you to work out an approximate timeline of events?
    Secondly, I believe that since Obama will surely not want to be a one term president, he will pull out all the stops to manipulate the markets to ensure an apparently stable dollar, rising stock markets, declining oil prices and PMs within control if not down. How do you see the next 12 months playing out, given Obama’s priority of re-election?

  2. Ranting Andy says:

    I have no way of knowing when or how the END GAME will occur, but there simply is no cord left to let out, given the economic collapse going on in the U.S., Western Europe, and Japan. All the “ammo” has been used already, so we are now down to all out market rigging, such as what we’ve seen in gold the past two days.

    Obama is no different than any other politician in that he’ll do ANYTHING to stay in office, but there is simply no way he can avoid the inevitable by November 2012.


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