Ranting Andy Special #2: 2010 Comex Gold Manipulation Pictorial

RANTING ANDY SPECIAL #2: 2010 COMEX GOLD MANIPULATION PICTORIAL – In my last SPECIAL RANT, “2011 COMEX GOLD MANIPULATION PICTORIAL” (published June 4, 2011), I downloaded every COMEX daily trading chart (as well as 24-hour charts) for the current year, representing, in my view, THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE, IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE EVER of COMEX gold manipulation.

Following up the checklist of Cartel suppression tools described in my two rants last week, “CARTEL SECRETS REVEALED, PARTS 1 & 2”, I wanted to see if my conclusion that attacks on the PM sector had in fact accelerated since precisely November 9th, 2010, the day that silver first approached $30/oz and had to be beaten down with an inexplicable intraday margin increase.

It was also at that exact time that the HFT algorithms showed up in the large cap mining stocks, repeatedly attacking them literally ever second of every trading day (to this day), in a desperate attempt to paint the PM sector as “dangerous”, “volatile”, and, of course, “suggestive of tops in gold and silver prices.”

Moreover, the onset of the 11/9/10 Cartel “D-Day” seems to have brought on an intensifying of the daily “cap of last resort” at or about 12:00 PM EST, a conclusion that has been clearly proven by the results of this report and the subsequent 2011 pictorial report. 

In fact, one of the major conclusions in my RANT from just this past weekend was the following:

I’ve been well aware of the 3:00 AM EST, 8:20 AM EST, and 10:00 AM EST Cartel attack points for the past nine years, but in the past six months, a new tool has been created as a “cap of last resort” to ensure gold stays down while the dollar is debased, and that is the 12:00 PM EST CAP that has covered the PAPER gold market like a blanket of fog this year.

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2 Responses to Ranting Andy Special #2: 2010 Comex Gold Manipulation Pictorial

  1. kkam says:

    Andy, brilliant stuff. Nobody can refute this evidence of a co-ordinated suppression of the price of gold.
    One input, that I have made before, is that you should probably label the 3am smash as the ‘London Market Opening Smash’.
    Can you help us think through the mechanics of this manipulation too? I mean how do they accomplish the spot price manipulation? If they’re selling, don’t they have to cover at some point, which would negate the downward pressure? And who is swallowing the losses? Is it possible that the Fed is in on it? Somebody should do a really in depth investigation of all aspects of these markets.

    Meanwhile buyers of physical can rejoice, as they get to buy real wealth at a discount!

  2. Andrew HOffman says:


    The spot price is created by the futures in this wag the dog market (won’t stay that way forever).

    And as for the “losses”, the government or JPM or whatever you want to call the CARTEL has unlimited printed money to naked short with, and no regulation at all.

    It is the PHYSICAL market they cannot control at all, except secondarily be creating negative sentiment by smashing the PAPER sector.

    But they’ve come close to blowing up twice in the last 8 months already (11/9/10 and 5/1/11), and I assure you it won’t take another 6 months to come to a head again this time.

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