Ranting Andy Special: 2011 Comex Gold Manipulation Pictorial

RANTING ANDY SPECIAL – As we rapidly approach the END GAME, in other words a currency crisis whose scope has never been experienced in human history, it has become bountifully apparent that MANIPULATION of the PRECIOUS METALS markets (gold, silver, and mining stocks) has gone hyperbolic, creating a so-called “manipulation bubble” that is being primed to POP.

The 40-year expirement in a worldwide fiat monetary system has created giant financial earthquakes, from one end of the earth to the other.  The U.S. financial system is by far the most indebted, corrupted, and vulnerable in history, but unfortunately that same predicament, to various extents, is shared by essentially every major Western nation.

The UK, Eurozone, and Japan are all on the verge of financial collapse, the product of following the U.S. dollar standard for four decades, in aiding and abetting the largest Ponzi scheme in history (U.S. Treasury Bonds).  In recent years, that scheme has been hijacked by a handful of bankers and their lackey politicians, desiring solely to steal the Western World’s wealth from the pockets of its citizens.

As noted in recent RANTS, the Gold Cartel’s maniacal, desperate attempt to deflect perception regarding this dire situation has led it to not only utilize its old suppression tricks, but create new ones, such as the incredible hatchet job on silver in the last 15 minutes of NYSE trading on Wednesday afternoon.  Time is running out for the era of the COMEX and other PAPER MANIPULATION tools, so be prepared for increasingly blatant, sickening attempts to steal your money in the coming weeks, until eventually the COMEX is blown up for good, and potentially the entire usage of FUTURES CONTRACTS as a price mechanism for gold and silver prices.

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2 Responses to Ranting Andy Special: 2011 Comex Gold Manipulation Pictorial

  1. kkam says:

    A Brilliant piece of work. To know something in one’s mind is one thing but to assemble documented, pictorial evidence that proves this beyond a shred of doubt is altogether a different level of achievement!

    One thing to note is that the 3am EST smash occurs at 8am London time. There is no doubt that the LBMA is part of the cartel the COMEX.

    A new angle has just opened up with the revelation by JS Kim (Smart Knowledge U) reported on Max Keiser and ZeroHedge – that almost all the ‘deliveries’ at the Comex gold and silver is paper. Kim has done research for 2011 and on average 99% of those standing for delivery at the Comex get paper GLD instead of physical gold. And 98% of silver contracts are settled in paper SLV. This means that there is no real price discovery of the physical metals anywhere. As we know the cartel can smash the prices of paper PMs any way they like, which means we get the prices of gold and silver that the cartel wishes the world to see.

    What the world needs is a reliable, honest price discovery mechanism for physical gold and silver. Just imagine what the world would be like then.

  2. Andy: Thank you for this magnificent presentation. Like most readers I too have seen these events occur on a daily basis, have had my emotions jerked around on the daily roller coaster and have felt despair and disgust many times during the last six months. In spite of all the nefarious machinations of the cartel and the attendant damage they have done it is also apparant that they are losing the game slowly. They can knock the price down but they can’t keep it down. It keeps coming back from the grave every day after absorbing vicious attacks and continues getting stronger in spite of everything thrown at it. The gold price is like a boxer that takes the best shots the comex can throw at it but will not go down. This is unquestionaably terrorizing to the cartel as they see their best punches shaken off and watch gold get stronger in the face of it. They have to be crapping in their pants every day. Its only a matter of time, and not much time, before it will be game over for them and they know it. It will happen even quicker in the silver market where the comex is almost completely exposed as a total fraud with no physical behind it and in real danger of total collapse.

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