Comstock Assays 121.99 g/t Gold and 178.08 g/t Silver Over Five Feet

Comstock Mining (OTCBB: LODE) has returned some massively high-grade drill results from its recent drill program, including 121.99 g/t gold and 178.08 g/t silver over five feet, which was found within a 30 foot intercept averaging 43.05 g/t gold and 72.4 g/t silver.  Significant mineralization was found in this East Side drill program, highlights of which included:

  • Drill hole E11-24 returned 3.562 oz/ton gold (121.99 g/t), but the context of that five-foot assay is equally noteworthy. It is found in a 100 foot (30.48 m) intercept averaging 0.309 oz/ton gold (10.58 g/t) and 0.911 oz/ton silver (31.20 g/t). Immediately surrounding it is a 30 foot (9.14 m) intercept averaging 1.257 oz/ton gold (43.05 g/t). The void that is mentioned in the table indicates a narrow stope cutting through this section, mined by the old-timers.  
  • Hole E11-24 also includes a second intercept of 145 feet (44.20 m) averaging 0.069 oz/ton gold (2.36 g/t) and 0.549 oz/ton silver (18.80 g/t).  
  • Hole E11-19 has an intercept of 130 feet (39.62 m) averaging 0.047 oz/ton gold (1.61 g/t) and 0.418 oz/ton silver (14.32 g/t) at the bottom of the hole.  The true thickness of this mineralized zone remains unknown until a deeper hole can be drilled.  Looking over all the newly reported holes, there are 11 intercepts of silver greater than 1.00 oz/ton (34.25 g/t).

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