Advanced Explorations to Expand Feasibility Production Target at Roche Bay

Advanced Explorations Inc. (OTC Other: ADEXF; TSX-V: AXI) continues to advance a feasibility study on its Roche Bay Iron Ore project, incuding potentially increasing production from 3 million tonnes per year to up to 5 million tonnes  per year.

The proximity of the ore body to future port facilities, the relatively low infrastructure CAPEX requirements, a simplified production flow sheet, and the recently announced increase in global resources provide additional operational flexibility and scalability of production:

—  More near term production to take advantage of the anticipated high iron
    ore prices due to increasing demand out of China, India and Japan.
—  Operational cost efficiencies from increased scale of production.
—  Improved leverage of the project’s unique ocean location given the
    global bottleneck created from lack of effective railroad
    infrastructure/access and port capacities.
—  Higher (and earlier) cash flows to current plan, with concurrent
    positive influence on IRR and NPV.
—  Low technical risk (proven and established technologies), relatively low
    CAPEX, translating to simpler plan to production.

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