Torrey Hills Capital Appoints Media Consultant Thom Calandra to Management Team

Del Mar, California (PRWEB) – Torrey Hills Capital, a provider of investor relations for natural resource companies in the United States and Canada, is pleased to announce that media consultant Thom Calandra has joined the company. Thom is best known for his work at Stockhouse and MarketWatch, where he identified undervalued companies on behalf of investor audiences.

Thom has become an industry leader in natural resources, evaluating companies first-hand on extensive property tours and then connecting those companies with a network of investors. In joining Torrey Hills Capital, Thom will continue to identify promising, early-stage companies, primarily in the natural resource sectors of gold, silver, platinum metals, copper, molybdenum and diamonds.

As a financial and investment journalist, Thom has evaluated natural resource companies for more than 30 years, including in Nevada, Montana, British Columbia, Guyana, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Ghana, Mali, South Afric and Mongolia. Since 2008, Thom has worked at Stockhouse, a Canada-based financial media company. At Stockhouse, Thom developed and co-founded Stockhouse’s Ticker Trax, a subscription-based report that evaluates what appear to be undervalued companies in the natural resource sector.

Prior to Stockhouse, Thom wrote and researched The Calandra Report, an investment report for individuals and institutional investors. Thom also created and managed the largest free, real-time news service for individual investors, CBS MarketWatch, which is now known as Dow Jones MarketWatch. He also has written, edited and broadcast for The San Francisco Examiner & Chronicle, Canada’s Stockhouse, London’s Financial Times, Bloomberg, USA Today and others.

Thom hopes to coordinate advertising and media propagation efforts for junior companies with Stockhouse and its president, Marcus New in Canada. He also intends to provide commentary on commodity markets in general for Canada’s Stockhouse news service, whose audience is expected to exceed 1 million in 2011. In return for his Torrey Hills services, Thom will receive a salary and in some cases, equity options. As always, his stock ownership will be disclosed.

“Thom is a believer in gold and is one of the most enterprising financial writers,” commented Cliff Mastricola, President of Torrey Hills Capital. “As a result of an ability to identify valuable investments early on, Thom has helped investors find high-return investments for nearly 30 years. Our clients in Canada and the USA consider him a font of ideas about increasing investment audiences for legitimate mining companies. Torrey Hills Capital clients remain priority No.1, and it is with them in mind that Thom has joined our team.”

About Torrey Hills Capital

Torrey Hills Capital is a leading investor and financial public relations firm specializing in small and microcap companies in the United States and Canada. Torrey Hills Capital provides exposure to proven micro-cap investors through: (i) the Company’s 100% owned and operated Website,, through which we distribute relevant news, press releases and updates on our client companies to a 100% opt-in subscriber base; (ii) the Company’s web site,, through which we allow for the sharing and exchange of information; and (iii) the coordination of conference calls and the scheduling of one on one and group road show meetings between management and investment professionals.

About BabyBulls

Our mission at BabyBulls is to partner with exceptional management teams of small and microcap public companies where our expertise and network of resources enable our clients, their shareholders, and potential investors to exchange ideas and information in an environment dedicated to honesty and integrity. BabyBulls offers several unique features, including (i) a database of microcap and small cap investors which are 100% opt-in; (ii) being at the forefront of combining social networking applications with traditional business practices to successfully market our clients to the entire universe of potential investors; and (iii) being entirely devoted to our clients without distractions from banner, pop-up, or other types of advertising.


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