Teryl Resources Completes 43-101 at Silverknife

Teryl Resources Corp. (OTCBB: TRYLF; TSX-V: TRC) has completed an initial 43-101 compliant report at the Silverknife property in North-Central British Columbia, the purpose of which is to present a review technical report summarizing previous work, reviewing the exploration potential of the property and making recommendations towards future work on the property.

Through a series of agreements, the property is owned as follows: (i) Teryl owns 30% working interest and has a 10% Net Profit Interest (“NPI”); (ii) Minewest owns 70% subject to the 10% NPI held by Teryl; (iii) Reg holds a 5% net profits interest against the whole of the Property; and (iv) a 1% NSR is held against the Property by SMR Investments Ltd.

The Silverknife Property consists two contiguous British Columbia “legacy” (4-post style) mineral claims covering approximately 1,594 acres and is in good standing with respect to British Columbia Minerals Title Act through January 12, 2012.

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