Geovic Mining Announces New Senior Management Appointments

Geovic Mining (OTCBB: GVCM; TSX: GMC) makes some changes to its senior management team.  To start, Jack Sherborne will no longer be President and CEO, but rather will be in charge of the New Ventures Division.  This stems in large part from a mild stroke Jack experienced recently, from which he is expected to make a full recovery.  We have enjoyed working closely with Jack over the last several years, particularly traveling with him to various cities giving presentations to the investment community.

Michael Mason, a current director of the Company, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer; Barbara Filas, the Company’s Chief Administrative Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, will become President; Timothy Arnold, most recently General Manager of General Moly, Inc. in Eureka, Nevada, has joined the Company as Chief Operating Officer; and Timothy Arnold will assume the role of Chief Operating Officer for the recently retired David Beling.

According to Wade Nesmith, Chairman of the Board of Directors, “These are important developments for the Company as it advances the Nkamouna project. The next year will be critical for us and we are pleased to be moving into 2011 with a realigned and augmented management team. Our key focus is to finalize the Feasibility Study Update and move forward toward identifying and executing the best plan to finance and develop the Nkamouna project.  We are encouraged by the strong support of our partner, SNI and the Government of Cameroon. This project is of key strategic importance to Cameroon and we are determined to lead this project to fruition. Mike, Barb, and Tim will play key roles in this effort.”

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