Intertainment Announces Record Revenue

In a press release, Intertainment Media Inc. (TSX-V: INT) announced record revenue for the second quarter ended December 31, 2009 of more than CDN$1.45 million.  Keep in mind too, the Company offers commercial services and is therefore not reliant on consumer holiday spending to achieve record revenue.  And given the overall sentiment of the markets and the economy this year, we believe growing 400% in one quarter is very much noteworthy.

This announcement follows the successful launch of the Company’s highly anticipated social networking and communications program with  This program, which was developed by the Company’s wholly owned division, itiBiti Systems, is responsible for powering the Communicator.  The Communicator is the first commercial launch of the itiBiti program, with subsequent clients already in beta and near public launch.  Translation: subsequent new clients equals greater revenue.  According to the press release, additional major clients are expected to “go live” sometime in January or February of this year. 

With record revenue, as its first client, subsequent major clients in beta and near launch, what’s not to like about this Company!

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