Intertainment’s itiBiti Application to Expand Social Media

With the introduction of MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, there is no doubt that social media has arrived, is here to stay, and in all liklihood is only in its infancy.  Key for companies and brands today is identifying how best to effectivly integrate social media opportunities into everyday experiences.  An article released today explores in more detail how television networks are using social media tools to “build up their old-media offerings and beef up their audiences for advertisers.”

According to the article, companies that produce TV shows are trying to monitor when fans talk about the programs, then harness that chatter as another tool for sponsors.  Getting the attention of someone who is texting, tweeting or talking about a TV show might still be good enough, after all, if you can’t get them to watch the TV show in the old-school manner.

Here is where Intertainment Media’s itiBiti desktop application will play a major role.  In a press release this morning, a copy of which can be found here, Intertainment Media announced the commercial launch of its itiBiti desktop application with  Private labeled for NBC. com, the Communicator is a downloadable tool that lets fans talk to each other via computer desktop even as it sends them ad-supported video clips of NBC content.  No matter what screen consumers use to watch TV content, “it shouldn’t really matter, as long as we can monetize it and measure it for ratings purposes,” commented Stephen Andrade, senior VP-digital development and general manager,

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