Intertainment Commercializes itiBiti with

As a follow up to our new client profile introduction of Intertainment Media Inc. (TSX-V: INT) on November 10, 2009, this morning the Company announced the commercial launch of its itiBiti desktop application with  That’s right,, which as of this morning ranks number 283 in the United States in terms of Web traffic according to Web information company  With almost 3 years of development, partnership with Microsoft Corp. and representation agreement with Omnicom Media Group, itiBiti is now on the global stage with one of the world’s leading broadcast companies.

The Communicator features exciting NBC content and revenue generating activities embedded directly in the itiBiti desktop application combining a wide range of communications tools, social media services, special programs and offers together with Microsoft Live Services.  Full information on the program can be found at and people across the US can instantly register for the Communicator at or

This announcement marks a major milestone in the Social Media platform arena, as itiBiti is unique among industry players for 5 reasons:

  1. itiBiti generates revenue immediately as soon as users turn on their computers.
  2. itiBiti continues to generate revenues as the product remains active and “learns” as it goes, providing maximum relational benefits to the user, our brand partners and itiBiti.
  3. itiBiti is a private-label application,  leveraging the “brand” partner, its equity, trust, value and marketing power.
  4. itiBiti has the ability to integrate additional opportunities, campaigns, and “add-on” features on-the-fly, creating a continuously engaging value chain.
  5. itiBiti maximizes delivery of the 4C’s of Social Media – Communications, Community, Content and Commerce.

Focusing on private-label opportunities, itiBiti works with major brands, like, to leverage the equity, value and relationships has with its users.  The Company’s business process provides instant program recognition, maximizes consumer adoption and engagement, trust and revenue generation for both itiBiti and its brand partners.Today’s announcement is the first of a number of leading brand clients for itiBiti.  The Company will release further information, and brand applications, as soon as they are available.

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  1. […] will play a major role.  In a press release this morning, a copy of which can be found here, Intertainment Media announced the commercial launch of its itiBiti desktop application with […]

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