New Client Profile: Intertainment Media Inc.

BabyBulls should be synonymous with the term “due diligence.”  At BabyBulls, we review, analyze, and query more companies in a single day than most firms and/or individuals do each month.  That’s a good thing and as a subscriber to BabyBulls, you are the ones who benefit from our analytics.

With that said, we have identified our next fully profiled company, one which we believe combines all of the necessary elements for success.  Our short list of required elements for success includes but is not limited to having : (i) mass appeal; (ii) seamless adoption; (iii) near term revenue opportunities; (iv) scalability; and (v) a proven management team.

For those of you trying to guess our next fully profiled company, with the exception of near term revenue opportunities, you might be thinking “social networking” or “social media.”  Well, picture this – an emerging social media company which immediately generates revenue – that’s what we’ve uncovered.  Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it.  Well it’s not.  According to Microsoft Corp., this Company’s is “truly the next generation of social media applications.” 

The Company is Intertainment Media Inc. (TSX-V: INT) and its brand is ItiBiti.  Intertainment’s ItiBiti offers a comprehensive computer desktop entertainment and communications suite combined with full social networking capabilities and Microsoft’s Live services platform.  Okay, so what does that mean?  More simply, Intertainment’s ItiBiti offers (i) a video and entertainment player; (ii) free Voice over IP; (iii) free SMS; (iv) instant messaging; (v) voice chat; (vi) video chat; (vii) an advertising serving system; and (viii) integrated social networking.

Remember to breathe, because that’s an awful lot of features being offered.  And here is how the Company compares to its peer group.

INT Peer Group Analysis

So, does the Company have all the required elements of success?  Let’s take a look.

Mass Appeal – Yes!  With a peer group which includes YouTube, Skype,, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, it is fair to say that there is and will be tremendous demand for ItiBiti.  More importantly, if you look at the comparison chart, ItiBiti’s offerings are much more comprehensive than those listed.

Seamless Adoption – Yes!  Most of you won’t even know who’s behind the scenes of this one.  As far as you’re concerned, users will visit Websites as they normally do and will use certain applications also as normal, but the applications will not be powered by the Website you are visiting, they will be powered by Intertainment Media’s ItiBiti.  And remember, these are Websites with which users already have a level of comfort, therefore the application will be readily accepted.

Near Term Revenue Opportunities – Yes!  Many of the above-described peer groups did not start out with a clear path to revenue and have found the transition to be quite difficult.  The challenge stems from trying to charge a fee for something today which was free yesterday.  With Intertainment’s ItiBiti, the Company generates revenue day 1, it is part of the business model. 

Scalability – Yes!  Intertainment’s ItiBiti is positioned and poised for significant growth.  Until worldwide adoption has occurred, the Company would consider growth a possibility.

Proven Management Team – Yes!  The management team is led by David Lucatch, Chief Executive Officer, who has more than 20 years of experience developing business concepts and taking them to the market. 

Intertainment is one of the best emerging companies we have seen and with a market cap of $10 million, the Company is extremely undervalued relative to its peers.  The reason it is undervalued is because only a few people know about it.  And now you do too.  But it won’t be long before the rest of the world knows too.

7 Responses to New Client Profile: Intertainment Media Inc.

  1. marion says:

    this looks like an interesting co. should have mass appeal

  2. Daniel Paquet says:

    Iam a shareholder of the Company and did participate to a private financing in 2008. I like what I read.

  3. stockguru says:

    INT is the next Facebook, except it has the ability to monetize its popularity. Cant wait until Itibiti starts raking in the cash for the company. Lots on the go. I think this will be a real winner IMHO!

  4. fishingfanatic says:

    The ability to customize the page to one’s own tastes while being able to use your pc as a phone, text machine,…, all for free while generating income for the shareholders makes this a real winner IMHO.

  5. maxwell says:

    Company appears great speculation at current price.

    Ability to secure financing, relationship with Microsoft, impressive additions to Board and management are not attributes normally found in a company this size. If the relationship they are trying to forge with a major broadcaster works out,would be a great step towards attracting other clients.

  6. pRaNaJuLES says:

    As an avid researcher and devotee to helping people save money (as well as make money), I came across itiBiti and really like what I’ve found. No other platform besides itiBiti can a person call from a computer (or smart phone) to a cell phone long distance for FREE. Think about the implications of how this will revolutionize affordable communication. As soon as it is released, I will be posting a blog on my site, appropriately named: “Starving Student’s Survival Strategies”.

  7. RaceFan says:

    This is the start of the next generation of social networking. For those of you invested, fasten your seatbelts.

    I can hardly wait to see my favourite sites readily available, and be able to talk to someone while texting someone else at the same time, too cool!!!

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